Duncan Light up Counterweight



I just got the light up freehand zero today-I love it, but i had one slight problem-how do i turn the counterweight off? When i press the button that turns it on, in hopes that it will turn off, nothing happens, and it continues using it’s lights. Am I supposed to just wait until it turns off?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found that I had to hold down the button for several seconds, to turn the counterweight off.


Just as it took a few seconds to turn it on, it takes a few seconds t turn it off. You might not be hitting the switch properly. It’s easy to not hit the switch right and it make take a few attempts to turn it off.

Also, replies work better when you don’t go and lock your thread immediately.


I realized that I had to hold down the button for several seconds minutes after I posted the topic, and I thought that since I figured out the solution to my problem, I should not waste people’s time by them posting replies to a problem I had already solved. Thanks for the help, though. Sometimes the on/off switch does not work perfectly, but as you said, I am probably not hitting the metal to the plastic in the exact spot it needs to be pressed.


I have a question i wanted to know if you can take the light up chip out of the yoyo and just make it clear if so im going to get one to paint


yeah you can tommy


If you can take the CW apart, I’m sure you could remove the guts. Do keep in mind that the electronics are part of the weight for the counterweight. So, after you’re done painting, weigh the innards and see what you’re missing and maybe add some material inside to get it close to “factory weight” for best results.


I think he was talking about the yoyo its self. :wink: If not then my bad. :wink:


You’re probably right.

Either way, if the guts are removed, replace the weight.


just press the button with a little bit of pressere and hold i till it goes off


The CW does not come apart. Nor can you replace the batterys. It says so on the package of the individual CW that does not come with the yoyo. :-\


With some patience, the CW can be taken apart and the batteries replaced if one so desires.

I think a flaw with this CW is it was not designed with maintenance in mind at the design phase.


ya it does go the mod section of this forum