Duncan Light Up Counterweight


The instructions say you can’t replace the batteries, but I can in mine.

I’ll try to post pix if anyone is interested.


Might be a good idea. I mean, it just needs to be taken apart. If they’d just have used a system that involves a couple of screws, that would have been no big deal.


Maybe relevant maybe not, but I bought some glow in the dark dice from a local toy store that are very vivid even in the daylight (like inside, not direct sun)


Got a perfect need for those too. If you can(sorry, I’m fading), PM me the details and I’ll order some next week.


Hopefully you guys can see the pix.

Locate the 5 side on your dice.

Then you locate the seam and I just used my fingernail to wedge between and pry apart.


Be careful not to lose the pieces when you pry them apart.



Does it come back together tightly?


I was thinking that exact same thing. That’s going to wear over time and then the CW will be multiple parts.


Krazy glue can be your best friend for projects like this.


but then you wouldnt be able to get it apart again



They also sell the counterweight by itself, as well as the new counterweight for the Destiny.

Check them out:


Yeah, you’ll have to super glue it back together.

I can’t imagine you would have to replace the battery very often though.

You can just apply a couple dabs of glue (not to much) just to hold it together and carefully pry apart when needed.


what about some sort of clear silicone based adheseive ike caulk or something


it would be wierd but you could get small pieces of clear tape

(WildCat23) #14

How would it be weird? Just another way to put it back together. My suggestion, use rubber cement.


Electrical tape. Black, 1" wide electrical tape. 4 strips, one for each side, wrap it around the top and bottom. Poke a hole through the top and bottom hole openings. Problem fixed.

Wait… nevermind.



I would try a small amount of superglue, then mark where that spot(s) is (are) and take some acetone to it when you want to take it apart again. a SMALL amount of acetone so you dont melt the plastic


I just took one layer of scotch tape and put it around the inside of the dice before putting it back together. it holds snug now.


How 'bout clear black electrical tape?

Yeah, silicone would work. Just don’t use to much.


In my experience, even a small amount of acetone will give clear plastic a wierd frosted look. could look cool like that, but i wouldnt risk it if you want to keep it clear.