Finding/making light up counterweights


I’ve gone through 4 Duncan light up counterweights within the last 3 months. I really like them, but the batteries don’t last long at all. I’ve also had 2 of them that were VERY difficult to turn on, and once I got them on, nigh impossible to turn off. (yes, I know you have to hold it) Personally, I think its a great product, but has some serious design flaws, like the on/off switch is a poor design, I have to carry a pen around to turn it on or off, and lack of a replaceable battery (although these batteries cost about 5$ at walgreens or somewhere anyways, so you might as well just get a new counterweight.

I just thought I’d share some other light up counterweights I’ve found and see if anybody has come up with anything similar, cheaper, better, etc.

First one I used was a ‘Firebug Hiking Locator light’ from Lowes, very similar to this its got about the same weight as the Duncan die, 5 red LEDs that flash a crazy star pattern, takes cheap watch batteries, and screw it and unscrew it to turn it on/off. It works pretty well, but cost 10$. Poked a hole in the bottom, ran a zip tie through it, good to go.

So far though, the cheapest/best thing I’ve found to use are those LED light up fingers, like seen here They will only last a couple days per use, if that, but they are SO CHEAP. I can get a pack of 3 here at Michael’s Craft store for only 2$, and they are like 1$ for a 4 pack on Amazon. I put a small piece of tape over where the light comes out because Its pretty bright and I dont want to flash anybody or myself. If you only use 1, its pretty light, but easy to get used to, lately I’ve been zip tying 2 different colors together, It makes it a little bigger and heavier, but its neat to go for a while with one color and then switch colors in the middle of a performance, or have 2 different colors together.

I’m sure theres plenty of different light up options online, these were just the 2 easiest things I could find locally. I also considered a red light up fishing bobber, and some light up tops from the dollar store, couldnt find any light up keychains locally that stayed lit without holding a button.

Anybody have any other suggestions of things to use? link me.


How about you don’t turn it on unless you absolutely have to?

When I get into 5A, I only intend to turn on the CW with my FHZ Pulse when I’m out doing something or want to practice in the dark/low light to get used to it. Otherwise, I see no need to actually turn it on.

Another option is to crack it open, find out what kind of batteries it takes, then bulk up.

Yet another option might be this:

They have other similar products.


This problem reminds me of the Family Guy episode when Brian is on the sofa eating chocolate.

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Sorry. I’m of no help :slight_smile:


Maybe you can split one in half and then get a different “core” and screw it together. That way when the battery dies you can still keep going, just swap the light.


I got some light up ice cubes at a bar once they were a little big but you could still use them.


I’ve been taking it places several times a week, and its pretty much dead after ~3 outings.  I dont practice with it on.  I will look into the dog collar, thanks.


Get some Astro-jax and cut one ball of the string and use it. This things are able to take a serious amount of abuse.


I don’t think abuse is the issue, I think the issue is battery life. This was one of my concerns in the first place. In my opinion, so many of us like the DIY mindset. While I’m not into doing my own mods due to lack of skills and proper tools, I’m game on other things. We clean our own bearings, we silicone our yoyos. Some of us experiment with lubrication products. If something has a battery in it, we want to be able to change those batteries.

It would be wise of Duncan to re-design the CW to make it user-serviceable. Even if this means a special tool or needing to carry a small screw driver or something of that nature. I’m not saying have a spare CW or two or three isn’t a bad thing either(might be wise), but let us change the batteries without having to perform surgery on the CW!