LIght up fhz

got my new fhz in the mail for some reason only one half is lighting up and it only lights up for some time is that normal? or am i doing something wrong. I also switched out the bearing for a konkave

The contacts may have been bumped around in transit either to the retailer or to you and cuased the battery to drain or may have been bent. You’ll have to open it up and see what is going on in there. This isn’t normal, but it isn’t unusual.

The FHZ Pulse is pretty sweet. I have the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake in there and it’s dead unresponsive. Nice!

nice so do i just remove the caps with a suction cup


Take it apart. The side with the axle, go axle side down and PUSH firm and deliberately to pop the cap off. Remove the axle, screw it into the other half to catch the nut, repeat.

There’s lots of videos on how to do it. Just, don’t be slow/cautious about it, that’s when people break the caps.

I just did this with a Hayabusa so I could put in the Shinwoo light-up kit in it. That went super fast. I wanted a light-up 4A yoyo. This isn’t perfect as I prefer the size and weight of the Fiesta XX or even the Go Big, but for what I will be using it for, it should be cool

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It may be a little hard to see, but here’s a video for you

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There’s also a chance that you might not be throwing hard enough. Don’t push it, but maybe you should try throwing harder or get better at throwing. Depending on how experienced you are, of course. With my light-up FHZ, sometimes when I barely throw, only one side lights up.

are the lights supposed to stop after a certain amount of time?

Yes. As the yo-yo spin begins to decrease the lights will shut off. The lights turn on due to centrifugal force.


The spinning causes I think a spring to be thrown against a contact, completing the circuit. Once the spinning slows down to a point where the tension in the spring is able to overcome the force from the spinning, it SHOULD return to it’s original position and open the circuit. As the tension of the springs can vary, it is NOT unusual for one side to stop lighting up before the other.

It’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of centrifugal force. The harder you can throw it, the longer it will stay lit.

Mine was kinda odd when i got it with one side staying on way longer then the other, so I popped the cap and checked out the thing. I fiddled with it for some time before I got the contacts to act equal, then dropped it playing 5A and they where out of sync again. ? Well anyhow you can bend it and such to make it complete.

I pop caps off a yoyo with a tiny screw driver. push (you push fairly hard here, make sure you have it sitting on something sturdy. as well as pushing the screw driver away from your hand and your self. Other words, don’t brace it on your leg, and stab your self.) in on the side of the cap and rock it out. I like this way better because it garentees that you will not crack the cap, although it also will likely leave a small mark on the cap. The popping works good for some caps but if you get a fhz with very tight caps it will just break before it pops, or if it is trans you can see the stress marks on the center of the cap. If they are kinda’ loose fitting ones, then then the popping way is easiest and probably best.

Yes I have one side on mine the has never lit up, even tright out of the pack throwing as hard as I can.

Mine was the same way out of the package, one side lit up, the other did not. Then, I started throwing harder, and the other side came on, but wouldn’t stay on as long, and it would not light up as consistent. I took the caps off and messed around with it, but the result was still the same for me. I meant to change the batteries by now to see if that is the problem, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will give that a try too. But, I must admit that it’s still cool looking with one side lit up.