MOdding a Light up FHZ unresponsive


Hey all i have a light up free hand zero i cleaned the bearing and put silicone stickers in it is still responsive what do i do???


What’d you clean it with?

Taking one sticker helps to make those unresponsive. :slight_smile:


i used lighter fluid


What type? Did you spin it on a pen?

Take out one sticker like I said. :slight_smile:


i dont know what type but i did not spin it on a pen i never do tht, should i ???


It helps to break in the bearing so it spins better, also, it can get out junk that may have gotten in the bearing.


oh ok thanks shadowz!


Yeah, clean the bearing, and take one pad out and save it. The other response pad will need to be broken in for a bit, just a couple hours. Then you’re good to go.


Duncan bearings take A LOT of cleaning to get them spinning perfectly lol.


I completely agree. I finally after completely cleaning that bearing and then Terrapin X Treating it, I finally decided on a Terrapin X S/C bearing in my FHZ Pulse, with different Duncan spaces and that seems to do the job. The gap isn’t quite as large as with the Terrapin X A+ beefcake kit, and since I’m using it for 5A, I prefer this configuration.


what lighter fluids do you use? I tried a Fuji and a Zippo one and it still rusts my duncan bearings. ???


I don’t use lighter fluid.

I use mineral spirits, , then paper slips, followed by acetone. In the case of Duncan bearings, I need to repeat this at least 2 more times, minus the paper slips step, usually. Then Terrapin X dry play treat. I can get 24+ seconds of spin out of them.


Do you use a certain brand of Mineral Spirits? I tried asking a couple of hardware stores here (I live in the Philippines) and the people there have no idea regarding mineral spirits…


You might ask for paint thinner. It’s the same thing, so I’ve been told.

What I use?

I also use this:

Both are by a company called Klean-strip

If you go with acetone, you’ll need to make sure it’s pure acetone, not the nail polish removing stuff. The nail polish removing stuff has conditioners and other stuff that’s good for nails but bad for bearings.

As far as lighter fluid is concerned, I don’t personally use the stuff, but if I had to, I’d use this:

Ronsonol Lighter Fluid/fuel. I’ve seen it in Vietnam. I know it’s rather common but I don’t know where they got it from in Vietnam. I didn’t see it in a store, but in a residence.


Are your mineral spirits white and milky?



There is a kind that is white and milky. People have reported good results with similar products. The brand that I showed makes a version that is as you described:


That’s exactly the bottle I have. It seems to work, but I might get some acetone to use as a 2nd wash.


Ooh. Paint thinner. I hope they are the same since I can easily get my hands on some. I also tried searching for acetone but nobody sells the ones that are not for the nails.


I use acetone as the second wash because I Terrapin X treat my bearings.

I’m going to be cleaning a Trifecta today and then treating it and then popping that in my TI-5.

Kind of interesting what we take for granted here in the United States. I would figure mineral spirits and acetone would be commonly available items around the globe.


When I first heard Sniffy saying he used acetone to clean the bearing, I actually thought something like, ‘you mean the pink one used for nails?’.

I’m kind of envious with how easy it is to get most items you need there. Or at least how easy it sounds when I read about them.