Cleaning a bearing.

I’ve always had problems cleaning bearings. In my 6+ years yoyoing I’ve never been able to do it quite right. My most recent venture ended with one very responsive bearing (added YYJ thin lube after cleaning) and three bearings that were more responsive than they were previously (no thin lube, less responsive than the lubed bearing). I used lighter fluid (charcoal lighter fluid, if that makes a difference). Can anyone tell me what i should do? I usually play the bearings until they’re less responsive which works to a degree. However, the bearings never play quite like I’d like them to.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Charcoal lighter fluid has wax in it. It would be mucking up the bearing rather than cleaning it - and making it responsive.
I use acetone personally. Definitely don’t use charcoal fluid.
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My pleasure.
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