Can I use charcoal lighter or 99% alcohol to clean my bearings?


I’m scared to ruin them by cleaning them wrong. I would usually use pb-50 all purpose lubricant on my bearing, wipe it off then use Bones bearing speed cream which is also lube. It’s usually made for skate bearings but if it works for skate bearings, has to work for yoyos too. But I don’t know if my yoyo is really clean though, because I used only lube. Do you think I should use charcoal ligher or 99% alcohol?


Forget the alcohol. The lighter fluid is usable. I have used it a lot with no ill effects.


how about my method of cleaning, I’ve used it on my skate bearings and tried it on my freehand 2, it works but does it really clean?


Yes, it cleans. But if you just drop the bearing in there and let it sit for 1 minute, maybe not. Shake it for a few minutes like a decent move, not shaking it like it’s a cobra on your hand cause that’ll hurt the bearing. Spin the bearing for around 10 times or until you think it’s ready to be dry.


Ok but pb-50 is a spray lube, should I get a container and put some in there?


So will PB-50 work? Because it doesn’t make a sticky flim right?


First of all he’s giving you false information. You can shake the bearing in solvent as hard as you want. It’s not going to hurt anything except maybe the jar. Also why not use the lighter fluid? It’s a great thing to use. Don’t use pb50. It’s a lubricant not a solvent. spinning the bearing on the end of a pencil is a good idea. Better to use a can of canned air that is usually used for dusting your keyboard. Blow out the bearing and then add a very small amount of that speed cream. Yes is a good lube for yoyo bearings but not much is needed. A tiny drop about the size of the tip of an ink pen or smaller.


99% iso Alcohol is just fine for a solvent. Key word here is solvent.
When I want to clean my bearings 100% ‘dry’ this is what I use, Ive used it since I was 16 to clean skateboard bearings, and RC car/helicopter bearings.
I find mineral spirits and lighter fluids to be quite oily, some may like this, it is certainly not a bad thing, I just prefer to get the bearing as clean as I possibly can and then if I want Ill add lubrication.


ok thanks man! BTW can charcoal lighter/starter work?


yes. I told you that is what I use.

If you do it right yes it’s fine. only one problem is that 1% is water. If you forget and leave your bearing in it, the alcohol could evaporate and the bearing rust like the dickens. Seen it. Done it. won’t ever do it again. Just because you have good luck with it doesn’t mean everyone will. That 1% is a bearing killer.


I would try both and see witch one works better for you. I used charcoal  lighter fluid and it made my semi-responsive bearing totally responsive. This may be just my bearing or the brand of lighter fluid I used, but I found that it was stickier than normal lighter fluid and the yoyo would just pop up randomly like it had an auto-return. If you can help it, try to get non charcoal lighter fluid.

If you really want no dirt before you lube, try using this method:


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