what should I clean bearings in?

well my friend,pac608,wants to clean his speedr’s bearing.neither his or my mom allow us to buy mineral spirits or lighter fluid.we wanted to know if we could clean it in something else.
what would it be?

read Samads guide in the modder section.

I know about it but im not allowed to use mineral spirits or lighter fluid

I dont think there is anything else that comes to mind. You definitely dont want to use water at all for the Speeder Bearing though.

well then I cant clean it but on the forums someone said to clean it in water
Ill post a link if I find it

I think they were probably talking about 10ball bearings, which are stainless steel, so they can be cleaned with water.

TO name a few things you can clean your bearing in. You don’t need to buy lighter fluid, you can find it in lighters. And i think that it’s possible to use SWIX base cleaner, which is used to remove ski wax. base cleaner is perfumated, so it might not be your best pick. You can also use special solvents made for bearings: http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/descpage-SCC.html

These solvents are made purely for cleaning bearings and will probably work well. You can also look around in your fathers supplies. Try to find anything well fitted to your purpose.

well my parents wont let me really buy anything off the net for this so I need something I can find in my household.

As I said, you can go hunting for lighters and take the fluid out of them. I can’t think of anything more available than that. It is suggested that you use alcohol or acetone to clean your bearings. Don’t try to steal your dad’s aftershave or perfume or anything like that. It does contain a lot of alcohol, but may also contain water and sticky things. If you can’t buy anything, I recommend that you gather all the lighters you can find, and snatch some fluid from there.

Acetone…I would make sure to dry the bearing for any of the liquids. I think acetone may damage the plastic in YoYoJam yoyos and probably other plastic yoyos.

Ok my parents finnaly decided to let me buy the mineral spirits,should I get those or white spirits?Is there really a difference?

Get Mineral Spirits. White Spirits is the same thing but is sold outside of the US

I’ve used rubbing alcohol in the past, if yo leave it long enough say 15- 20 min. it should work the same. It also won’t do anything to the plastic of the yoyo. The only thing is that you need a pretty high comcentration, i used 70%. The higher the concentration the less time you need to leave the bearing in the alcohol.

Hope it works ;D

I think I am probebly just going to get mineral spirits. :wink: