i need to clean my bearing but i dont have mineral spirits…wat else is good for cleaning bearings?

I don’t think it is ever really necessary to clean a bearing.
But I believe you may find some answers here…

Yeah DYonch is right, its not exactly necessary, and can kill your bearing.

But to answer your question, you can use lighter fluid. If you want to buy mineral spirits, don’t ask them “Hey, can i buy some mineral spirits?” They will stare at you funny. Ask for paint thinners.

(I don’t know who is the one who posted the thing about staring at you funny, but i don’t claim credit for that. Whoever said that, Speak Up!!!)

You can use all kinds of things. I have use 100% rubbing alcohol, fingernail pant remover, lighter fluid, and even gas. I have had no probs with my bearings so I’m sure those will be fine. Well except gas, I really don’t thank it is that safe. Later.

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Yeah, just make sure that there is no water in it.

Compressed Air is probably the best idea.

Compressed air dosen’t really work all the well for me. It gets some of the lube out but still I like cleaning it in liquids better than using air. Although compressed air won’t get you high as a birds foot like paint thinner. Later.

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That was Xdohl. :smiley:

Its alright guys, we got it under control. He came over yesterday, and I cleaned it for him.

The bearing REALLY needed it though. The bearing was way too dirty. When I flicked it, it couldn’t spin a second, and while it was sitting in the mineral spirits, the liquid was BLACK. I had to clean it twice before putting it back in the yoyo. I’m a little ashamed that YYF would send a yoyo with a bearing that bad :frowning: