bearing cleaners and lube


besides lighter fluid and mineral spirits, are there any alternative bearing cleaners and do they have a worse effect. and i dont have lube so if i dont lube the bearing after i clean it, what will the results be? also, what if i use WD-40 to lube it, will that work???

(empirestrings) #2

no wd-40, stay away from that stuff… lighter fluid, and compressed air, then i use 3 in 1 oil to micro lube…

(Connor) #3

Yes there are alternative cleaning methods but you really just wanna stick with Lighter Fluid or Mineral Spirits. :wink:


Typical Paint Thinner is Mineral Spirits - easy to come by, and cheap. Works like a charm.

(JonasK) #5

I got a question. White Spirit? pretty self explanatory.


White spirits are mineral spirits with a diff name because of diff countries, so yeah. (I think thats what you’re asking)