Clean a bearing with zippo fluid?

It’s pretty much like using mineral spirits, but I just don’t know if it’s enough like mineral spirits to be safe on a bearing. Anyone know?

It’s pretty much all I use.

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mineral spirits work fine. just soak the bearings for like 5 minutes and it should be pretty clean.
I think acetone might also work (or nail polish remover). I used to use it to clean skateboard bearings after they get a bunch of dirt and grit in them.

Seems to me lighter fluid being petroleum based dissolves the lube that is in some bearings better than mineral spirits.

The zippos I’ve used took ronsenol (lighter fluid). Lighter fluid works great when cleaning bearings

I’d say that just like any other fluid. Try to get rid of any extra residue with some pressurized air, and try giving it a spin or two. Personally I’m thinking I want to get something other than mineral spirits for my next cleaning fluid.

try acetone get it at walmart for 4 and change
leaves no residue and dries fast.

Acetone evaporates too quickly and can leave a residue film with crud in it.