how to clean your bearing

i heard that lighter fluid is a good cleaning solution for the bearing. is there anything else that a good cleaning solution?

brake cleaner and mineral spirits

Lighter fluid is just fine. It’s what I use. I’ve cleaned way too many bearings with it with no ill effects. Just lube after with any cleaning.

why was i move here cleaning is not a mod it a necessity right???

thanks anyway man

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I used zippo premium lighter fluid once, it screwed up the bearing beyond belief. Maybe most lighter fluids are good, but definately not all are.

isopropal alcohol is also great if you can get your hands on it.

isopropal alcohol also contains water.

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Can u use alchohol the one u use to clean wounds

not the stuff I get from my work, that stuff is 99.99% pure.
BTW I am an aircraft mechanic.

What’s the other fraction of a percent? Probably water. It probably wouldn’t harm your bearing too much if at all, but I’d rather just go with something that I know won’t harm it.

Alcohol with or without water is bad for one reason. You see with petroleum type solvents, they will leave a slight oily substance on the bearing that will protect it from water. Alcohol does not have that. this means that for all those kids that like to run their bearings dry, the moister in the air will certainly get in there and start damaging the bearing and they don’t even know it. Like a lot of the kids that say, my bearing was fine and I cleaned it but now it quit working all of a sudden.
My suggest is to not use alcohol unless you remove it within a few minutes of you cleaning it, blowing it dry and then lubing it directly after that.

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