My Duncan Freehand wont respond

I just cleaned my bearing with mineral spirits and no lube yet the friction stickers are new and a brand new string and it wont respond whats wrong?

Is it supposed to respond? :wink:

Lube the bearing. If you really want it responsive, use thick lube.

wait what…

lol. Stock, modded, or light-up FHZ? Brand new Duncan friction stickers? If it’s stock, it should be responsive with new friction stickers. If it’s a light-up or modded, it should be on the more unresponsive end.

maybe the bearing is too clean. add some thick lube to it.
but i dont understand how New string + New friction stickers is not responsive.
did you mean; it is not as responsive as before the cleaning or something?

Learn to bind.

Problem fixed.

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If you could supply us with more information, that would be very helpful. There are many different versions of the Freehand. Is it a Freehand Zero, Freehand 2, FreakHand, FHZ Pulse, or a modified one. If it is a modified one, how was it modified?

For example, a stock FHZ is responsive, as are the FH2’s and Freakhands. In my case, I cleaned out the bearing of my Freakhands(FH2’s with monster graphics), they went dead unresponsive, with no other modifications or changes. They now require a bind return, which is what I want.

I do have a completely stock FHZ I should mess with, but I have other priorities.

I do have 2 modified FHZ’s, both modified to be unresponsive with silicone groove and a clean bearing.

The FHZ Pulse uses silicone stickers and is very unresponsive compared to a stock FHZ and is a much better performer in my opinion.

So, please give us more information so we can help you better. Also, do you know how to bind? Did you remove the shields before cleaning?

Note: I like acetone over mineral spirits. I’ve just had better results. Your results may vary.

Freehands now come stock with recessed frictions stickers. To make them unresponsive all you have to do is clean the bearing. They are almost unresponsive out of the package.

To make it more responsive add lubricant/oil to the bearing.


I’ve been meaning to ask this on one of the many threads where I see acetone mentioned. Do you mean regular nail polish remover or is there something else sold in stores that contains acetone?

I heard someone say that nail polish leaves residue on your bearings.

Nail polish remover is full of conditioners ‘n’ junk.

You can get near-pure acetone at hardware stores (I got mine at Home Depot). There is also lab-quality denatured acetone (zero water content) out there, but I think you’d have to get it from a science equipment supplier of some sort. The hardware store stuff works just fine, so there’s no need to get all nutty and go for denatured.

That makes sense. Although I was hoping that my wife’s “protein enriched” nail polish remover would make my yoyos spin longer ;D

Pure acetone.

Nail polish remover is full of crap you DO NOT want in your bearings. If you get it from a beauty supply shop or a grocery store, it’s WRONG. You need to go to a hardware store to get pure acetone. I get mine at Home Depot, but you can also get it at Lowes. I can guarantee you can get it at other places as well, such as WalMart.

Well if you continue to annoy it maybe it will respond to whatever question your asking it. Staring at it also helps.

Although on a more serious note lube works.

Why did you clean the bearing if you wanted it responsive?

At this point, just apply thin lube

It was responsive before it just isnt now and it is just a normal freehand it has caps with fh on the background it came with a counter weight the string is brand new and so are the friction stickers just ol yoyo will it respond with lube and it started having this problem before cleaning just not as bad

Sounds like lube (thick if you want responsive) will indeed do the trick. You were starting to see the problem because the lube that came with it had broken down (for unresponsive play, considered a good thing! For responsive, a checkpoint for routine maintenance). By cleaning it completely, you pushed it all the way into that unresponsive zone.

Maybe some periods would help. ;D

The lube should solve the problem