Light/Solid or Heavy/Floaty


So, as the title suggests I would like a light but hefty/solid throw, or a heavy(er) throw that plays light\floaty. After doing some research I have found that these yoyos would be predicted to fit my preferences. BTW I would like to keep the Diameter under 57 mm.

C3 Krown

C3 P. Wave

C3 Level 6

Most of the CLYW throws

OD Chik!

OD Cascade

please give me feedback. THX :slight_smile:


Well you are kind of asking for 2 complete opposite yo-yos, but as for floaty, my vote goes to the CLYW Summit and the GenYo Model 10. Solid I would say Sasquatch and Benchmarks


The description is a bit at odds, but of the ones I’ve tried that are on your list, I think the Krown fits the elusive description best. It feels solid and is an incredibly long-spinning and stable yoyo. Yet it has an interesting nimbleness on the string, especially if you are the kind of person who puts fresh strings on regularly enough.

The Chik is a close second for a lot less money. A really nice yoyo; I traded mine during an opportunity I didn’t want to miss, but I’ve always considered adding one back to my collection.


Thank you GregP and Darkscism for your comments. I guess I should make things more clear. The light yoyo should be solid like a heavier yoyo but should still feel light do to the weight. The heavy yoyo should have some float to it, like a lighter yoyo but still have the heavy feel to it due to the weight. Hope that clears it up.


light but solid sounds like the draupnir. Diamter is 57mm but the steel rims help add to the stability with the added rim weight even though it weighs around 64 grams.

Cascade was a lot of fun as well


That didn’t really add a layer of clarity. :wink: My original recommendations still stand based on what I THINK you’re actually after… however…

Light yoyos that feel solid are usually rim-weighted or undersized. Heavy yoyos with float are usually large diameter. So you’re looking at TOTALLY different kinds of yoyos if I take your clarification literally. Which makes it even MORE confusing!


Ooohh I didn’t make that connection, thank you GregP. So I guess the only clarification that stands is Light/stable.


Keep an eye out for the One Drop x Toxic T1. It is a middleweight with quite a bit of float to it.


Get a triton