Light or heavy fixies?




I personally like light weight but I see a ton of people commenting about really heavy yoyos.


For me EH have the ideal weight

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I think it depends on what you want to do with it. Heavy fixed axle will always have that kind of “thunk” to it at the end of the string and will have a very different feel. It’s easier to do moons, loops, stalls, and off-plane flips with a somewhat lighter yo-yo, but once you go too far (into low 50g territory) you start to sacrifice control. Likewise a light yo-yo will be more susceptible to friction and unlikely to outspin a chunky one, but you’ll sacrifice string and axle longevity. I’m pretty obsessive about being able to do basically any trick on the yo-yo I carry around, so I go for high 50’s mass, which give me good results.

As is so often the case with fixed axle, it’s all about thinking about your style and approach and achieving that goldilocks zone that lets you do everything you intend.


What do you guys consider Heavy?

My No Jive and Baldwin are the heaviest fixies I’ve played. I prefer them to my butterfly or profly, but I assumed high 50s was an average weight. Maybe I’m off?

Also, the yoyo wiki says the butterfly is 60g, but I swear mine seems a lot lighter.


Yeah, that’s wrong. I think they have varied over the years, but I found specs on the current one that said 48.8g.


Ok good, I thought I was loosing it.


I generally lean lighter.
PS any more cheap thrill dropping soon?


Just finishing up a JFF/free spirit/cheap thrills restock; should be shipping early next week :wink: