LF: YYJ legacy


I am looking for a cheap yyj legacy to replace the one that was most likely stolen by one of my students (see http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,12116.0.html)
Preferably white, so I can dye it, but the color doesnt really matter too much. I want to put the yoyo’s back out for my students to use despite one of them going missing, but I would like to replace my legacy also.

I have a green YYJ speeder in decent condition I am willing to trade.
Also I would trade a Metal FHZ I have modded a touch (one half polished, the other satin, I can satin the other half if you’d like, but I can’t polish the satined side)I will pay via paypal if the price is right, but I dont want to pay too much for it.

let me know

update: pics added

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ill send you mine. sorry bout that :confused: but yah, just lemme know how muchyou wanna spend. its white, i just gotta put new response in it.


check your PM’s

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