YYF Genesis + for sale or trade


I want to trade my yyf genesis + away my most wanted throws are the
Yotricks Civility
CLYW Bonfire ,BVM2, Or a chief
Onedrop Code 2
YYF Hot, or supernova AND Severe
YoYoJam Diamond back
C3yoyodesign Electric Flash
G Squared Nessie
Yomega Glide Or Prodigy
Werrd Irony Jp
And Fonnally YYF AViator or Proton Galaxy edition

If you want to buy it the price tag will start at 90$

HEres some pictures


I have a blue/gold Phenom. It has some scratches on the rims and the caps are missing but it plays great, has a concave bearing, has unused Venom string and this is the yoyo I used to win the State Talent Show.
If you’re interested, let me know.

I also have an almost new YYF Equilateral. Please write and tell me which one you are interested in.

(system) #3