FS/FT: Speed Beetles $10

How much more obvious can this be?

I have a pair of yellow/red cap green/yellow cap Speed Beetles for a Kickside, or $10 shipped

[s]So here’s the deal: I’ve got some cash and I want to trade this cash for your yoyo. Thing is, here is what I…

…am very interested in and will consider over other offers:
-Dark Magic
-Death to Metal yoyos (Die-nasty, Protostar, Counter-Attack, Pocket Change w/ offstring wings ONLY)
-Hicoo Virus
-Projects that are not over beat
-Offers that are not in the next list.

…don’t want:
-YYJs that are not listed
-Duncans of any sort
-YYF plastics that are not the PGMv2 or the Death to Metal plastics

I would like yoyos to be in from good to mint condition. Some dings and scuffs are alright, but if there is any kind of damage to the axle or bearing seat, or cracking, or sharpie drawings and other weird stuff on the yoyo, I don’t want it. YYJs must have little to no vibe; just pointing that out because I wouldn’t want one with vibble (vibe+wobble) if I could get one with little to none, you know? Near buzz-on vibble = No thanks[/s]

you want a legacy?

No thanks.

how about for the hayabusa?

No thanks. I should have added that I don’t want Legacies and I want offstring yoyos for the Busa.

how bout a big yo?

Check your PMs

I’ll also add a matching blue die to the FHZ.


ive got an x convict?

I got a…

Throw Monkey is white with blue rims, has a small vibe.

Speeder is sky blue, has just a few scuffs. Im not fond of Speeders, thats the only reason i dont want it.
Plays great, its a little noisy, thats all.

Speed Dial. Its siliconed. No dials. But plays awesome. I hate to see it go. But i really want those new YYJ’s. You can see the silicone job in the pics. Pretty much mint. Not much damage AT ALL. maybe like 2 tiny nicks.

MFHZ. First run, but is one of the good ones out of the first run. Half purple half pink. Its got some nicks scratches and scuffs but plays fine.

Beat Sky blue kickside. But plays fine. Noisy. Thats all.

A mint Yellow Projam. With caps and everything.

Speeder is pending for 20 though.

Just bought a national master DM for 20. Thanks for the stuffs!

what does BUMP mean ??? ??? ???