LF: Smaller organic yoyos


I’m really digging smaller organic YoYos, with diameters in the 52 to 55 mm range. I’ve got a quail, hawk, murmur, and peak thus far. Seems like I need a Parlay. Looks like the anti-yo throws are right in line with what I’m looking for though hard to find.

What other yoyos of that size that I have to try?

(Choncworth) #2

General Yo Hatrick
G Squared Case File 003
Smashing Yoyo Co. Crucible
A-rt Sparrow
CLYW BvM (OG version)

Track these bad boys down for sure, good luck.


You DEFINITELY need a Reticulated Return Tops Boa!

And if you do end up wanting to score an OG BvM I’ve got one on BST.

Organics are my fave too!


I definitely recommend the Parlay, one of my favorites. Check out these too:


Cascade, prescription, and parlay.

({John15}) #6

sounds like someone got bit by the organic bug

(Tyler) #7

G2 OC and Turning Point Houska Dry


Parlay is def a must. I love mine - catch zone is narrow though!


I actually have my MYY Avocado on my side right now. I love it. Undersized, organic, 10$


The best bug to get bitten by


I was just throwing my Avocado and love it!!!


One Drop:
Project 2
illy x od Sakura
Oyy x od eclipse

Oh yes yo:

Bear VS Man
Under 50mm: campfire which is super dope.


2 evil

Addict(if you’d rather have a small bearing)
Addiction(normal bearing)
Speed Freak
Spyder II
Punchline OG(which I can help you get one for like 95 mint in box)
Punchline Repeater
Supra(undersized pro)


Alright lets start here then:

Anybody have a Mowl Obsession, One Drop Parlay, or Radical Seas Siren available?


Can’t go wrong with any of those 3 sir!


Need a AntiYo Bapezilla or Bapezilla 2 on those lists :+1:t2:


Yes I forgot to add: Bapezilla or Viszilla


Have you checked out Lim’s Spaceship?
CLYW Pickaxe
OST Quint
Yoyofreaks Hashtag
And Luftverk’s Silvia series, but it looks like you’ve already caught on to that.

And while it’s not really organic, YYF GenXs. It’s a really fun smaller throw.

(Neil J Baker) #18

Retic yoyo Boa is my favorite organic $45-55 and its just great :slight_smile:


Hmm @ReticNeil I wonder why? :thinking:

(ClockMonsterLA) #20

I can give an enthusiastic :+1: to the Houska Dry and the Parlay.