LF: Smaller organic yoyos


Yeah the Silvia jumped to the top of the wish list but I doubt I’ll have luck finding one

(Neil J Baker) #22

:laughing: other organics I like are. oh yes yo lust and hexada. One drop has a ton of great organics, overture, benchmark, my favorite is the markmont. G2 oc is a good, hawk is great. Smashing monocle is great. Duncan raptor is alot of fun. So many good choices available right now


The Ricochet is 50mm…


I love the retic yo-yos boa haven’t been able to put it down I had to buy four of them in all the cool colors i liked

(Mike Pasikowski) #25

I also really enjoy the Boa from Reticulated Return Tops!


I actually heard at yo-yo club that the organic backlash has started.

Which I can kinda understand, actually…

(Travis Faubel) #27

Oh no


Its been over 2 weeks but i would like to ask why is there a back lash?


There’s a loooooot of organic choices out there now. Like… a lot.


But more so than H OR V to the point of fatigue?


Lately? Kinda.


Maybe I just don’t understand what organic is. I think OD overture as organic. I see a lot of H or V with a rounder base but I’ve never thought as them as organic.


Help me out top is joyride and purple line. Bottom origin avocado. I think the top as H, bottom as O. Am i wrong?

({John15}) #34

These waters get muddy fast, but imo organic and “O” mean two different things.

Organic is more of an attribute, O is more of a profile shape. Organic to me denotes that there are no sharp edges/ transitions in the profile shape. Like the Top Deck for example, I would consider to be an organic W.


O denotes a specific profile shape. Like the avocado and purple line. O shapes are organic by default, but not every organic is an O.

Then we get into O with our without a “response bump”. Like on the purple line. The bump, imo, isn’t usually pronounced enough to break the O shape. We start to see shapes like the prescription if the bump gets really exaggerated.


That does clear things up a bit. Not the backlash part, but 7 years later and you taught me something new. Thank you.


İf you like i can sell you mint od 54 or yyf 44 speal

(InvaderDust) #37

Not one mention of the incredible Sputnik? :fire:

Well considering OP has very similar preferences as myself, I must add Sputnik to the list. While, yes, its is a bit expensive, however its one of the most potent O’s I own. Much power, very stable due to BiMetal.

Lots of great suggestions here! I love to see so many of them in my small bag already at one point or currently.


I’ll second the Sputnik - If you have the money for one, it’s a fantastic undersized throw!


And I will 3rdly suggest the sputnik …absolutely awesome throw! I will also put in a vote for the Original Haymaker for a less costly option!

(Mitch ) #40

I will submit the case file 003 again. I love that thing. It has yet to impress me every time i pick it up