LF on ebay?

Can I post a post saying I want a yoyo, but be able to ask for the seller to post it on ebay rather than the forums?

How would it be any different that purchasing on the forums? EBay and people on here both use paypal so its still secure?

That’s making it harder than it has to be for the seller. And probably cost him an ebay sellers fee on top of it all.

Yea, if you go through ebay they take 9% off the sales price plus 2.9% goes to paypal + $.30. So, selling through ebay you pay about 15% of the sales price. Not that it is bad, you just have to calculate that into the sales price.

Yes the seller will have to charge more to get the same amount, thus you will be paying more. But dude the forums are safe if you deal with people that have good feedback just stay away from people with no or negative feedback.