Paypal , who pays the fee ?

Hi all , I just make a buy for 160 we talked about price and agreed to 155 + 5 for shipping = 160 .
I sent out 160 , now he mailed me back saying I thought we said 160 . maybe he’s talking about paypal fee ? if nothing is said about paypal fee who’s responsible ? I was under the impression that it was sellers responsibility unless otherwise stated .
anyhow I’m still a little new to buying on forum , and I want to do the right thing . let me know what you guys think .,1529.0.html

Number 14

The recipient pays the fees.

So, if you agree to $160 and YOU send $160, the seller is accepting the $160 MINUS the Paypal fees.

Paypal will charge the seller the fee. You were not the seller, so the fee is not your responsibility. It is the seller’s responsibility. The YYE rules state clearly, that a seller cannot give you a price and then add a Paypal fee onto it. The Paypal fee was included in the price you agreed upon. You don’t owe the seller any more money.

If it’s worked out ahead of time, despite rules/guidelines to the contrary, there’s no injured party. I wanted to buy something and the seller said “I hadn’t counted on the PayPal fee in my price; can we adjust it?” before any money changed hands. The final price was still fair, so I said “sure”, and then completed the transaction. I had the option to back out or refuse, though.

But if money has already changed hands, I think everyone needs to defer to #14 linked to by crammit.

The buyer pays the extra fee, its how it’s been done for years.
That said, I take the fee into account when I list my prices, so there isn’t any surprise.

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I’ve bought and sold things for years and that’s never been my experience. The seller has always paid the fees in my transactions.

I just have to say, that I am so sick of buying something off the BST, and having someone discuss a Paypal fee with me, after already quoting me a price. It is like they never bothered to read the rules. No one should be discussing a Paypal fee, for any reason whatsoever, in my opinion. I hate discussing a shipping cost too. Why not just give a flat fee, shipped anywhere in the U.S.A. I hate discussing anything more than necessary. Instead of $150 + $5 shipping + 4% Paypal fee…just simply say:

$160 shipped…and be done with it.

Vast majority of these deals are in the U.S.A. If I were you, I’d tell this seller to send the yo-yo, or refund you and take a negative. What a bunch of nonsense. ::slight_smile:

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This even benefits those of us in Canada. If I know the shipped, all-in cost, I can use that as a starting point for re-negotiating shipping.

“Since I’m in Canada, I can add $X to cover the difference in shipping cost.”

Iv’e been using paypal in transactions since 2004 and this has never been the case for me.
Interesting how individuals can have a different reality I guess.


But not only is there rule #14 for this forum in particular, but PayPal itself is set up for only two options:

  1. This is a commercial transaction; the seller pays the fee
  2. This is a gift; the sender pays the fee

It’s pretty clear that when you’re buying or selling goods, the powers that be at PayPal also imagine the reality to be that the seller is responsible for those fees. There’s no “this is a commercial transaction, the buyer pays the fee” option.

Stepping away from PayPal: you use a credit card to pay for something; you don’t see a charge per transaction on your bill. It’s the seller who covers it for the convenience of being able to accept credit cards as payment.

I agree that everyone has a different individual reality (hey, in some people’s reality, there’s a conspiracy that they -sincerely believe in- lurking around every corner!); but there’s also a consensual reality. And the consensus seems to be that in these kinds of transactions, it’s typically the seller’s responsibility.

Guess Im different then, and that’s fine with me :wink:

But there are two parties involved in a transaction so it’s not just a matter of “individual expression”. I hope you are making it crystal clear right from the first PM that you are asking the person to waive BST rule #14.