Buy on ebay?

Id like to set up a kind of business where people send me pics of their yoyos and i set up a listing for it on ebay. this we people can target bigger audiences without an ebay account, is anybody interested, nothing is final.

What, a yoyo consignment?

Trust me, if people want something, they’ll go hunt it down. They’ll find what they want via search engines as they’ll end up finding their way to the various yoyo site BST’s.

Besides, those of us who have an Ebay account have one already. Those of us who need one will make one. Almost all of us need an Ebay account.

Not to mention it would hurt you in the long run unless you plan on charging people who sell through you. Ebay charges you to sell items weeks after you have already sold the item.

well i was hoping it would grow so that it would make me a more trusted seller (right now i have sold a grand total of 2 things).

I wanted to charge people shipping 5 dollars so, that it would make the selling fee included (yoyos dont cost that much to ship). Also I am not trying to make money off this, i just want a better rating on eBay. because of this i could charge 10 percent of their profits to me, which would usually cover expenses.

I honestly don’t think many people (if any) will take to the idea. Maybe unreliable kids who really want to sell their yoyo’s but even that is doubtful. Not trying to put the idea down or be disrespectful to what you’re trying to do. Just giving my 2 cents.

If it pans out though, good luck with it all.

I myself am an unreliable kid, but thanks.

Well, at least the hidden agenda isn’t so hidden anymore. I knew there was an ulterior motive.

There are places all over the place that do “Ebay via Consingment” services, where they listed it, photo it, answer questions, ship it(Priority Mail can fix costs!) and then charge a percentage of the sale.

Honestly, there’s no need for these services from you. This isn’t a put-down. They have to ship it to you, then you have to ship it back out. Any profit is gone and you’re both in a hole. Or, you can do the listing and post the photos, but then they send it. Now you have to rely on them to do what they are supposed to do in a timely manner. Good way to risk your budding reputation as a seller. What if they don’t uphold their end of the arrangement? What if you forget to pay them? Ebay fees, Paypal fees, or cashier check/money order fees… I just think that when you look at all the places this bleeds money, you’ll see it’s not worth it.

“Oh, yeah, let me sell this ONE for that kid… Let’s see, he’s gonna spend $5 to get it to me, and another $5 for it to go out, but a buyer isn’t going to want to eat 2 shipping fees that double the NEW IN THE BOX price. Plus, paypal takes what, 4% and what’s Ebay’s take… then I gotta Paypal the kid, who eats another 4% off that? Or mail a check, so that’s a check plus postage, or a money order, which is another 70 cents and a wait in line and postage…” Makes sense on larger items.

Really, the serious folks are going to hunt down what they want. Short of buying new, Ebay is not a great place except for mainly Duncan and Yomega stuff due to it being very easy to come by. That’s not to say I haven’t seen plenty of other stuff, because I have. Anyone who is serious will find what they want, and internet search engines do crawl the BST areas. While stuff goes out of date quickly that way, it still tends to put the person searching in an area where they can “begin again”.

I can’t say anything bad about Ebay. I’ve bought plenty of stuff from them. In fact, it’s one of the best places to pick up certain items I am into(besides yoyo’ing and audio gear). But I know for a fact some of these people are selling at a loss, as i know what “new on a card” would cost. However, that’s business, that’s not my problem! Buy then $8 shipping fee for a Disney trading pin? Sorry, not into that unless I’m gonna buy a lot from the same seller.(Ebay is notorious for people charging too much to ship)

Really, I just don’t see this really being a viable service to offer. It’s marginally beneficial to someone else, and it’s way too much hassle for you unless you’re moving HUNDREDS of items a week, and if so, that’s a lot of mailings to do as well as to receive, or at the very least, to keep track of, especially when you’re not responsible for the sending.