LF: Duncan metals and special FHZ's. I have: Orbitrions, adegle macaroons, etc..

Prefer pairs but offer whatever

Really want in wantyness order Barracuda , MayheMs , Freebirds , Diversions,Exit 8s , Hugo Z Hors , Momentums , Vendettas , Metropolises, Raptors , Echos

What I have

Maybe money if price is good

1x yoyo factory pocket change (blue, yellow and black) near mint

1x yoyo jam legacy (green) pretty much mint

1x yoyo jam go big (green) little banged up but by offstring standards amazing

1x yomega dash (gold) a little white marks around it.

2x modded yomega fireballs (2 red and green) near mint

2x yoyojam revolutions (green and black) pretty beat

2x Adegle Macaroon looping yoyo. (plays like a unleashed but lighter) teal and yellow near mint.

2x SPYY 2012 world yoyo contest orbitrion 5000 (probably not going unless I get suicidal offer due to it being my first worlds, so it kinda has some sentimental value + it’s probably my nicest Yo-Yo)

what would you take for a purple metal drifter with an upgraded center trac bearing but it does need friction stickers!

bump want me a vendetta exit 8 and diversion real bad right now.

I have a light-up FHZ given to me by Brandon Jackson himself…pm me for more info

Long awaited bump from the holy land giving birth back to this thread.

I’m willing to trade my FHZ, just pm me!

loooove the new duncans, especially the freebird and the momentum!!!

Well I pretty much owned my tekkit world so i guess it’s time to get back into throwing. SUPER BUMP!