LF any unresponsive to $20

Teaching my girlfriend how to yoyo and i want to get her something better than a super viby glow in the dark throw, would anyone sell me something for like $5-$20 preferably not super beat. If someone is down, i’d really like to get her a dv888.
thanks guys!!

*note, bizarre mockery of an innocent request deleted to appease my substitute momma/fiveironbrian.

Why don’t you just buy her Yoyofactory Paul Han Edition ‘One’?

It is a good size, shape and weight for learning. Girls like pink. And with shipping, it would cost you about 20 bucks.

You can start yoyoing with any yoyo, but starting a girlfriend off with a smaller diameter high performance ‘edgy’ yoyo is not a wise choice.

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You could have skipped the bizarre mockery of an innocent request and just recommended the OneStar like you did afterwards. It actually would have been a very nice answer. He didn’t ask for a $5 Dv888.

To the OP, if you’re interested in a like-new Legacy II, PM me and maybe we can work something out. If not, no worries.

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I will double that OneStar claim. I have the pink one and I play it more than my Supernova. It’s truly awesome for $15.