LF 5a yoyo


Would anyone recommend the freehand pro.

I’m thinking about getting 3 magic Yoyos real cheap and using them as my practice Yoyos for 3a and 5a my brother-in-law got a magic yoyo n11 I think for 2$ and it played awesome

Any suggestions though:


Just get a standard aluminum throw. Supernova is a solid easy to get throw for 5A


I’d recommend any inexpensive responsive plastic. The yoyo is going to be flying off your hand and around the room for a while.


I picked up two Spin Dynamics Sparks for $25 each. beating the hell out of them, but they work great.


I would look at something made of a tougher grade aluminum so that way it can last longer.


I don’t know about you guys, but unless you’re dropping your yoyo on concrete a lot, it’s not going to damage your yoyo that much. I’m going to recommend the Recess First Base again, and I’ll second the Spin Dynamics Spark. If you’re in a house with carpet, your yoyo will most likely be okay after a few drops. If you’re really worried though, either of those two should make you feel better with their price points. Just a thought.