Trying to find something for responsive 1A/5A play

I’ve being yoing for half a year now(1A), I can do some intermediate/advanced tricks such as the spirit bomb and hop to double GT. But as you guys probably know, yoing 1 - 2 hour everyday and basiclly practicing the same thing is quite exausting and repetitive. Practicing hooks and slacks and hop and hitting my hand over and over again with a metal yoyo is also painful and irritating. Therefore I’m just looking for something more “chill” and something that is easier to do and possible to be done anywhere.
Therefore, as I have some 5A basics done, I just want to know what yos are good and budget friendly for responsive 1A/5A play, probably something plastic and narrow and light.
Thanks alot if you can answer I’ve been amazed of how friendly this community is and how quickly responses are answered.


smacking your hands is never fun. for responsive 1a/5a play i’d just recommend a Butterfly XT, it is very responsive, so stalls are easy, and it’s just fun.


People here will recommend the First Base, I haven’t tried it though. I like both the Sage and the Basecamp Sherpa for responsive play. Get thin string though, or you’ll have a hard time.

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The most obvious candidate, IMO, is the Duncan Freehand Pro.

It is pretty inexpensive, and it can be upgraded with aluminum performance rings if that’s your jam. And it was designed for 5A, while being perfectly suitable for 1A as well.

Yoyo Factory Whip.

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thanks, I’m very used to the Sochi Fat which is even thicker than the Kitty Fat, I think that would give me a very hard time