Let's talk Mechanical Keyboards

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Oh, man, tell me about it. I blame Deskthority and its Cappening threads that filled me with so much keycap envy I actually endured a 7bit GB…

Does this forum create "yo-yo envy"?
(Just some old goat...) #2

Yeah, I have some R5 and R6 SAs myself from ole 7-bit. What a cluster… /r/mechmarket has slain my wallet over the past year or so… And they keep making, and I can’t stop buying, awesome GMK kits…

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My workbench right now…

MK Madness

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Here’s my current endgame board (I need to take a new photo of it with my YYF Space Cadet throw next to it):

(Just some old goat...) #5

Mmm, that’s some nice toprey goodness right here. Space Cadet looks great on it. I was thinking about picking up one of the new R2s.

As for endgame, I’ve convinced myself that’s a “per keyboard” thing XD

And since you’ve got Space Cadet, then you’re quite familiar with the walletsuck known as massdrop as well lol.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

Yes, MassDrop was my main walletsuck for the last couple of years, but lately its been YYE. :wink:

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This is my current daily driver in it’s endgame attire.

For anyone curious, that keycap on the upper right is an artisan key called a “Shishi” in the “Nightrunner” colorway that sells for about $350.00. I was lucky to get in on the initial purchase raffle at retail cost of 70. This hobby is nuts.

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Yeah… I hear ya. I’ve been looking for a new throw myself, and was reminiscing about “theyo.com” days. Lead me here to find JHB to see how he’s been doin :smiley:

(ClockMonsterLA) #9

Full of Laser goodness, I see!

I never got into artisan keycaps. Don’t own a single one. My wallet is grateful.

(Just some old goat...) #10

Hahaha, I hear ya man, I held out for a long time, but ETF’s Poisoned Summer sale last year sucked me in. I try to only pickup caps that match my keysets, and only one per board. Slippery damn slope, that’s for sure.

(ClockMonsterLA) #11

The Spades Queen artisan that dropped recently on MD had three versions that were color-matched to Carbon, which I have, but as cool as the sculpt was, I just would never be able to bring myself to put one on any keyboard of mine.

(Just some old goat...) #12

Honestly, man, a lot of artisans are really goofy and stupid looking. Just because it’ll go on a stem, doesn’t mean it looks good on a board, that’s for sure.

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

I also have one of these:

to go with this board:

(Just some old goat...) #14

Nice, man, that matches really well! Is that a Norbatouch there? I’ve got a Tactical Black Norbauer case for my novatouch I’ve yet to install. Good stuff. Hmm… Now I have to find a throw that matches Laser lol. And that my friends is FOMO is action.

(ClockMonsterLA) #15

Yep, it is a Norbatouch indeed. I also have a Space Station White one with an MT3 /dev/tty Triumph set on it (its what I’m typing on right now, in fact), and a Tactical Gray one with SA Carbon on it. Ryan Norbauer makes exquisite cases.

(Just some old goat...) #16

Ahh aluminum, such a wonderful metal lol. Good stuff, man. That space station white sounds like a candidate for Godspeed.


Thank God I don’t know what y’all are talking about.

(ClockMonsterLA) #18

I’m not really a fan of the Godspeed colors. Pastels are not really my thing.

(Just some old goat...) #19

I hear ya, I flipped a couple sets, but never mounted it up myself. I’ve still got a TKL set I need to move. To be fair, that board looks fantastic just as it is, that board has been fully endgamed. With your matching cables even. I still have yet to buy some matching cables… Never expected to be having an mk conversation here today, but this has been fun, man.

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Come take a dip in the mechanical water! You can get boards and keysets to match your throws lol.