Does this forum create "yo-yo envy"?


As much as the forum and “mailday” topics can create envy and a desire to buy new yoyos, it’s also the choice of any member to actively click and view those topics themselves. Same goes for yoyo reviews - if you’re curious enough to watch them it’s no one’s fault but your own that you want to buy a new throw. No one is forcing you, no one is outright trying to coerce you to buy a new yoyo. Blaming others for putting out content that showcases something that not everyone has is unwarranted in my opinion, there are lots of awesome unique yoyos that I’ve watched/seen in posts and vidoes that I will never own but appreciate being able to learn about. The whole money aspect is being blown out of proportion - the yoyo community has some of the best manners regarding shaming. I honestly don’t notice many posts (or any really) that involve someone putting someone down for having a beginner/less expensive yoyo. knife fanatics on the other hand…


Comparison is the thief of joy.


Envy is a product of your own creation.
Some people can create better than others.
Sorry for your loss.


One of the truest things ever said.

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Buying new yoyos is kinda fun on its own, I guess. @tvelto frequently points to buying/collecting yoyos as a major aspect of the hobby that is just as important as playing (to the long-term health of the hobby, if nothing else). And I get where he’s coming from.

But for me the buying is only a very temporary thrill, and I feel pretty indifferent towards the mere having of them. The only real sustained joy I get is from playing them. I mean, obviously you have to have yoyos in order to play them (even if you are only borrowing them), but I don’t feel any particular thrill or pride of ownership, to be honest. When I get the urge to play (which is often), I just want to be able to satisfy that urge with a high-quality throw (and with a shape and aesthetics that fits my mood at that moment).


Personally, I do not have yoyo envy. I have $16 yoyos that I prefer over the $45 yoyo I just got and the $14 yoyo I just got over the $99 yoyo. Yoyos are about fun to me. Nothing more. I like every yoyo I own including my DV888.

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hmm…no. h-spin made the envy.



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I wanted to throw my two cents in here. A forum is just a way to create community. If one were to be part of a group of local hobbyists of any hobby, and you see other people purchasing and enjoying new things, one could feel the same set of emotions of “FOMO” or “fear of missing out”, one does here on the forum.

It’s the “FOMO” that’s the cause of yo-yo envy, not the forum itself. It’s not specific to yoyos in any way, shape or form, it’s something that’s faced by anyone who gets really into a certain hobby. I do have a large collection of older throws from when I was super into the hobby from 2003 to 2007 or so. I also have way too many R/C helis. I have way too many mechanical keyboards. I have way too much “functional glass art”. For all those hobbies, it wasn’t any forum causing my envy, it was new products, and being exposed to them regularly. That’s what the forum provides, not only a community, but a constant exposure to the new goodie goods.

Anyway, TL:DR, it’s not the forum causing the envy.

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I’m sorry, I was not referring to the forum as it was created.


I have a feeling you and I would get a long just fine if we lived near each other :joy:

You don’t have any spare 10-12wt rods you’d want to trade for yoyos do you?

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yoyo envy - nope. I’ve been on forums for quite some time now and never felt that way. The forums have always been a way to connect with others so see what’s going on. Yes, I have a bit of a collection, some expensive for their time, but never felt pressured to buy anything due to the community hype at the time. Most of what I have would be considered modest in price and were purchased because of a particular design feature I liked.

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Just want to clarify that although I’d really like a lot of what yoyos people share here, I’m not totally busting to get my hands on them, it would just be nice to give them a throw.


I don’t get envy so much especial here. Because I don’t have to look at the topics at all. Reddit is like 4 maildays to 1 anything else. No organization so you have to scroll past them with pictures. What I get a lot is frustration. There will be a yoyo drop with a very limited stock. I want to get it but I just don’t have the money at the moment. Then they are gone real fast. And after selling out comes the reviews for it. “IF!” there is a restock I’m usually over it by then. I tend to avoid brands that have a habit of this.


Ha! I don’t actually. My single handed rods top out at 8wt. I sometimes think about getting something bigger for Chinook fishing, but I never actually do it that much. And unless I move somewhere with access to those strong warm saltwater fish, I just don’t have any other need for them. The 8wt single and 7wt spey take care of everything “big” where I fish.


Hi all, all that I meant when I wrote a reply that Jeff turned into a new topic was this: If you can only afford a cheap Duncan or a Magic Yoyo - rock it! But don’t feel bad that you do not have a $100 yoyo because, I believe, from my own experience of playing with both - they can be equally fun. Don’t feel bad about what you throw. Learn with what you have, save up for what you want. I begrudge no one with super expensive yoyos or for displaying them. I love my $100 yoyo as much as I love my $8.99 metal. Both perform outstandingly in my opinion. Sorry for raising the ire of so many of you. I truly enjoyed reading all of your opinions. Peace, Chris


Looking for a 10 for Musky fishing :grin:


I think you’re misinterpreting the posts in this topic if you are seeing “ire” here? Because I see none?

Seems like a completely reasonable and useful discussion to me?


Yeah, no ire here, man.

Passion perhaps. But no anger or frustration. Just a bunch of folks discussing a hobby they love.

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Thanks, missed you too fam