Let's start a flame war!!! jk

So instead of doing something to upset everyone, let’s do something positive.
Even with all the recent drama, this is still the most friendly forum I’ve ever been on. If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you links to some others :wink:

So what I want everyone to do, is say something they want to improve ABOUT THEMSELVES.
And either say something positive about the person above you, or if you don’t know them, say something encouraging/give positive advice.

I don’t have anyone above me, so I’ll say something about myself first:

I want to become more patient with people who irritate me.

I want to get better at life in general.

Qozux if very smart for posting a thread like this!

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I’d like to be a bit more motivated and less blase about everything.

Kei is awesome for designing the Yosplosion t-shirts.

I’d like to have more patience when learning tricks and when badly made posts are made.

Yuki is helpful. ^^

I want to stop procrastinating

Shadow likes Calvin and Hobbes, which is one of the highest compliments I am able to give.

I need to stop procrastinating this school year.