lets say 127

okay lets say i have 127$ i love the shape of the babezille2 the code 2 and all the clyws what should i get i can go a small amount higher 10 20 bucks whould it be better to wait for the next run of clyws or get a code 2

yyj next level is a great choice it has one of my favorite shapes ever
also look at the g squared albatross or nessie
Any of th ilyy’s are great and crazy smooth
styy is great they make some of my favorite throws
and madhouse great throws

$127 can buy a lot of yoyo.

CLYW is nice, so is One Drop. Can’t go wrong either way

Personal opinion: I’m not impressed with the Anti-Yo line. Just seems kinda bland to me. However, having not played one, I won’t say anything about their performance.

Some stuff I have my eye on includes the Next Level. I have my eye on some YYF’s too. The MVP original or 2.0 might be work checking out. I’m for sure trying to secure down a regular MVP, as I don’t want to get a 2.0 until I get the chance to play one first. Well within your budget.

You might want to check out Monkey Finger Designs, specifically the Gelada, Ten YoYo’s Drop Bear would be something you’d be into. Spin Dynamcs and Werrd make good stuff but in shapes you might not go for. I’m going after the Werrd Irony or Irony JP, and the Monkey Finger Design’s Evil Yo, which are way off what you’re after. The Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist is a nice V-shaped. I got this YoYoSkeel Stalker that I absolutely love, but we’re talking shapes that are way off what you’re after.

Madhouse’s Compulsion is kinda of like that shape you’re going after and is a darn nice playing yoyo. I have their Epic, which is also something you might like.

I can’t say enough good stuff about G Squared’s Nessie and Albatross

Toxic String’s HazMat is a darn good throw, but it’s not for everyone. Most poeple are going to like it though, and I sure am one of them.

Not to push stuff, but do try stuff outside your comfort zone when you get a chance, especially if you can try before you buy.

the yeah3 has any one tryed it

i vforgot to mention c3yoyodesign all of their yoyo’s are awesome