Let’s talk craft beer (for those legally able to drink)

Neither I or YoYoExpert advocate underage drinking. This thread has been moderator approved, and is intended for members of the community that are of legal age to consume alcohol.

Any craft beer drinkers here? I’m fortunate enough to live roughly an hour from Parish Brewing Company, Gnarly Barley, and a few other well know LA brewers (not Abita. I’m not a fan lol).


Present :raised_hand:

Redwood Curtain is gewd. Also, Humboldt brews [aka Humbrews] is a local tap house that circulates around 30 west coast craft brews on tap. There’s something new every time we go.


I’m part of a local mule club, and my favorite out of state breweries so far include:

Treehouse, Great Notion, Ingenious, Funky Buddha, Kane, Wild Leap, and Spindletap

Im always finding new stuff though.

I mostly drink stouts and porters (I’m a real fan of BA stuff), but I also enjoy IPAs (doubles and triples too), Berliners, and the occasional sour.


I have a proclivity for stouts and porters myself. But I will try just about anything.

I’m really not big on beers fermented with belgian-style yeast, or triple ipas. There’s something about Belgian beers that just does not sit right on my pallet. I don’t know what it is :man_shrugging:t2:

I actually haven’t had a drink in over a month, we just moved so it’s not high on my list of priorities at the moment.

I know they’re not really a craft brand, but Sierra Nevada puts out a seasonal stout called Narwhal that’s really really good. It’s like the blackest beer I’ve ever seen.


Yeah I’ve had that one.

Ballast Point makes Victory at Sea similarly, and while the BA version is wayyyy better, the regular one is good too.

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We also have Humboldt Cider Works that make ridiculously good ciders from local apples. I was never into ciders until I had a good craft cider. They’re not a sugar bomb, they’re more on the dry side. There’s this fish and chips place here that has their stuff on tap. Cider goes pretty well with seafood imo.

I’m about a good cider. I often make breakfast foods for supper just because of how well they pair with some stouts though lol.image


Tropicalia by Creature Comforts in Athens GA
And Beyond the Galaxy by Terrapin also Athens
And HomeGrown from Nashville

My three favorites at the moment

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Hi everyone. My name is Garrett and I’m… into craft beers.

Western Mass is a great location, seems like we get a new brewery every few months around here. And not too far of a drive from Treehouse, Hermit Thrush, New England Brewing, Trillium, and so many more. Sometimes I even get a little more ambitious and make the drive up to Hill farmstead or any of the great breweries in Burlington.


Everytime I see someone from your area post about the beers in their area I cry a little, but on the inside :joy:


I totally forgot about Trillium! They make great stuff too.

I really like what I’ve had from Angry Chair too.

Should say though, Chicago is getting more and more local breweries that are starting to rival some of the NE breweries. However, haven’t had anything that can stand next to Heady Topper :drooling_face:

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Haven’t tried anything from Angry Chair, but I do love that Cigar City has made its way up here from FL recently.


Oh beer is great! I live in San Diego where there’s micro breweries everywhere. It’s probably been more than a year since I last went to a bar as opposed to just a brewery. I grew up in Los Angeles though where there’s way fewer micro breweries. It still feels kind of weird when my childhood friends recommend that we go to a bar, before I remember that there aren’t really many breweries that are close by.


More of a Focal Banger fan, but I’d never turn down a heady topper!


I wouldn’t turn down Focal either. But Heady edges it out a bit for me.

@YoYoExpertGarrett isn’t Tired Hands around there too?

Breckenridge Brewery out of Colorado is pretty excellent. Their agave Wheat and Avalanche are great.

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I can definitely get any of you looking for Louisiana beer a little care package swap together if you’d like. Just to show you how we do it here lol.

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I’ll head out to treehouse in the next few weeks to get something swap worthy. :grin: