Appropriate Beverage & Yo-Yo Match (w/ recipe)

Inspired by @SR1 post for his Sudo / Four Roses beverage match, I’m starting a new post. I have some pairings in mind but first one will be Capt. Obvious.

Moonshine with Moonshine. - Serve in glass, flask or straight from bottle.


This is a repost, but I think it’s fitting.


  • Tequila


I love this so much! Definitely excited to see (and try) everyone’s combos! I’ll definitely be posting in here as well.


Damn I’d love a cocktail with my throwing, but I’ve been so sick for the past few weeks I just feel like that would be a bad idea.


Black /Gold fade Confusion (original) and a Yuengling Black and Tan.


This was a very fun summer day out back of the hotel I was staying at.

Grass, Grass, Leinenkugel and Gravity. :wink:


I Don’t drink but i thought this was a good match so i bought it for the pic.


Prohibition Yoyo Speakeasy — “The Last Word”

This one shipped with the namesake cocktail recipe nicely hand written on a card — which became illegible after I spilled a (different) drink on it.


@AKYOYOMIKE Nice pairing!

Drinks don’t necessarily have to be alcoholic. For instance Kool-aid might be appropriate beverage match for ? …I don’t know… maybe a Shutter.

Sorry couldn’t help myself. :zipper_mouth_face:


Rayon Vert Green anything from YYF could go well with Kool-aid.

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Very Old Barton is my drink of choice. Specifically the 100 proof white label variant which is native to Kentucky and portions of Ohio and Tennessee.

For a long time it was a staple in many households in the area, as a beverage for company and a daily driver for those inclined to have a night cap. This was on account of it being affordable and still very enjoyable.

You share it with family. Here at yoyoexpert, I feel like you are all extended family. Some of you craft yoyos at home and share your passion with us, from one home to another. So in that spirit, I pair this beautiful wooden unresponsive Glenn made with this bourbon that reminds me of sharing with family.

Oh, and as far as how I drink it, it pairs best with the most generic cola you can get your hands on, lol.


An Old Fashion drink for my pops :tumbler_glass:

An Old Fashion yoyo for me :yo-yo:
CLYW Maple Drip Peak


Missed opportunity for a Maple Old Fashioned! Next time :wink:

(I had one of those recently that had bacon for garnish and it was sooo :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:)

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I actually dont drink much but ill have to mention that to my pops, we love maple in my house lol

I hate to admit it but the only drink i actually enjoy the taste of, is a properly made lemon drop haha :drooling_face::lemon:

Clear glass with a clear grail matches up perfectly with this animal face. My go to drink after every hour of the day.


So many Yo-Yo models get constant attention, but few seem to get the “Constant Comment” like the Duncan Butterfly family of Yo-Yos.

Enjoying my 2019 World Butterfly XT with a cuppa Bigelow - “Constant Comment” and a teaspoon of honey.


Green Machine and green plant based protein drink


I don’t own a Spintime El Presidente (Melf-Red) which I can only assume would work well with a true El Presidente cocktail.

Instead I used creative license with the recipe to create a new drink based on the original with cheaper ingredients - The El PRO-Zidente with a Duncan Pro-Z red with white caps. The drink goes down easy so I suggest drinking and playing it “responsive”-ly.

2 oz. - Dark Rum (suggest CruZan)
1 oz. - Sweet Vermouth
1 oz. - Triple Sec
1 tsp - Grenadine

Serve over ice.


I’ll have to try that! I’m a big fan of Cruzan, their aged rum is great (and affordable).

Not much of a drinker, but give me a hot green tea (and a good bong rip) and a throw anytime!

Great thread!