yoyo bar fight

watch the mountain dew commercial a couple posts down. very funny.

edited for too much controversy and didn’t seem appropriate anymore. I apologize to anyone who was offended, especially the younger members. It was not my intentions the littlest bit. Now everyone can be friends again ;D

that is really awesome. and actually yoyos were made as weapons. thats really funny

Put some blades on the side of a loop 900 and you’re good to go.

That’s a misconception, they’ve always been toys. In the Philippenes back in the day they tied rocks to long ropes and hurled them out of trees at peoples heads then pulled them back, and they also used yoyos as toys, so it created the misconception that yoyos were being used as weapons. But a rock tied to a rope is in no way a yoyo.

true that but how would you catch it back to your hand? :smiley:


Man that’s a Mountain Dew commercial… Yoyos were not invented as a weapon:

You’re looping you don’t necessarily have to catch it ^^

That’s a sweet story. I also have a hard time yoyoing when I am drunk.

LOL! And buck choy, I didnt know you were old enough to drink.

Lol, I’m not.

Shhh! I hear the CPA coming!
But in all honesty, I know a bunch of teens who drink and smoke, it’s common, No big deal…

It is a big deal? I honestly don’t want anyone condoning it here on the forum either. I know at least 3 people that got in a wreck while drunk and killed a few people. Two were only 16 and the other was 18. Now you tell me that it is ok. It’s NOT!!

These three people don’t live normal lives now either. One killed a Mom and a 2 year old, The other two killed a middle aged man each. Is that something you want to live with?


Woah woah Icthus, calm down,

I dont mean Heavy alcoholic drinking.
I mean the “slip a sip every now and then”
Whist i do agree drinking is wrong, i also condone the fact that there is nothing we can do to stop it. Well, accually, dicipline (beat) your children, thats a solution… However the kind of drinking you are describing is very serious. However, that kind of drinking is usually influenced the parents during the impressionable ages of the child, abuse and other factors at home. Teens that grow up in families that do not have issues, do not have a severe drinking addiction. Teens that grow up regularly have been taught it’s wrong to drink. At most, these children will take a few sips to look cool in from of their friends. While the children who drink obsessively, have been taught to drink in order to show their dominance in the household, or to forget personal issues. These teens drink so much, they often are in a state of intoxication. When the family wants to take away the alcohol, thats when the teen gets violent and, as you posted, sometimes even kill. Of course, the deaths may be accidental, such as drinking and driving. To which the USA should increase driver’s license ages. Of course, we can never stop children from getting contraband. What they do is out of our power. Of course, we can isolate then, but that lowers their social skills. Hell, I grew up on a family on the edge of divorce. However, my parents were just enough to keep me away from this ****. While now, I am getting edgy as it’s late. I have known a guy since he was 13. Now he’s 16 and the last time I saw him, I was heartbroken. His life was in total failure and he didn’t know it. He was smoking weed, cigarettes and drinking tequilas. Now when i look at him, shock comes to my mind, but also a sense of defeat. I knew I could not change his life. He was telling me how perfect his life was. Yet I could see through his lies. It tears me apart to see an innocent, sweet boy turn into a train wreck. But, there’s that sense of defeat, It’s there like a bucket of guilt. I know I should tell someone, but He begged me desperately not to snitch. It’s hell trying to decide…

Casey, I’m stepping away from the internet, no screen name, no false information. I’m Boguslawjan Mika, I know I often times try to bring humor into my words, but not this time. The CPA thing, i guess was a little harsh. I know saying it was no big deal kinda pushed it. But Casey, I am truely, sincerely sorry for any words I have typed that may have offended you. I cannot tell, but I can assume you have been through the same things in your longer life. I’m sorry for whatever fueled your rage. This just made me feel horrible. Can we put this aside and move on, it’s killing me. I know this has offended you, but im sorry and if you don’t take my word, come to my house, spit in my face, Destroy all my throws and then perma-ban me from the forum, atleast then we can be even…


Best wishes to you, Casey and your son,

Boguslawjan Mika, AKA Mista8eight8

Before anything, I’m not being insensitive, my uncle died a few years back when he got hit by a drunk driver. But in all honesty, that has little to nothing to do with them being teenagers and everything to do with the fact that they were under the influence while driving. Just my opinion, whether you think they made the judgment call to drive drunk because they were teenagers is yours.

That being said I have lots of friend who drink and smoke pot regularly, and they get by fine. They ride the bus when they party, and when they don’t they go to school, they do their jobs and they do the things they take responsibility for. Not everyone who drinks or smokes pot is doing anything that harms anybody but themselves. Ultimately the choice to operate what is essentially a legalized, mobile weapon when drunk or high is the real problem. My uncle was killed by a forty-three year old man who spent every night at the bar getting drunk and driving home for five years leading up to it. My uncle was the unlucky guy he hit the day he drank one beer too many. Drunk driving is not an issue with teenagers, it’s an issue with everybody.

Interesting Story, I have had a few similar incidents. Usually it starts with a snide remark followed by amazement after I do a trick or two. I am just getting back into throwing after 20 years off so my technique is rather lame, but it’s enough to impress someone who can’t throw at all. Plus, I usually throw them off by agreeing with them …“yup it is a child’s toy, look what it can do…wanna try?”

On the subject of under age drinking…I don’t condone it even though once upon a time I did do it. There are many reasons why younger people are not allowed to do certain things. Unfortunately it usually has something to do with wisdom and responsibility. Younger people by enlarge do not have enough of either to do certain things. Some/many adults don’t either which is why there are extra laws to deal with those people. Now you might want to argue the point but statistics would prove you wrong. Plus I am not talking about you but everyone as the law relates to all. Alcohol can be a good thing, abused it can be deadly.

for the record…I’m 47

I must say, I realy enjoy the Semi-intelligent debates by adults on this forum. It’s a nice change from the usual name calling that we enjoy from our younger members.

In my honest opinion, underage people shouldn’t drink. But in the case of what Icthus said, it’s more that they were under the influence of alcohol, and not that they were too young. In most cases, the only time that underage drinking is harmful, is when the people make the consious decision to get behind the wheel after they have had too many. Now this is affected by the fact that our brains don’t have the capacity to make GOOD decisions quickly until the age of twenty-five.

Also, my life has been adversly effected by drunk drivers, I’ve lost 3 family members due to the fact that people decided to get behind the wheel. Uderage drinking isn’t the problem today, it’s the fact that people think that they are good to drive when they aren’t.

Maybe this is just canada but Almost 95% of the kids here get drunk regularly. And it’s not because of the house conditions, it is because it’s fun.

How old are you then? Let’s hope you are at least a teen.

I didn’t mean to start a whole debate on this or condone drinking or anything illegal on this forum. I am 21. Teen drinking is something that is unavoidable. In my town the bars let them in, atleast we know they are somewhere safe, but its still wrong.