Apparently this isn't a toy... or is it?


A little background before I get started. Before my events on October 7th and 8th, specifically October 8th, it was determined that I had to made a disclaimer because in that show, we spray fake blood and use a pistol that fires blanks. Naturally, I took it to the next level and included warnings about partial nudity, “bad language”, gestures and other “naughty stuff” contained within the production. Fortunately, the “powers that be” loved my initiative and only made 2 corrections: Change the length and fix a stupid grammatical error I made. Done and done.

But I figured, why stop there? I added like 12 other disclaimers.

So, you can guess, this is in regards to disclaimers.

We got disclaimers on just about everything. Even our yoyos have disclaimers. I’ve gotten so many new ones recently that I still have most of the packaging.

Duncan FHZ stays “age Grade 6+” and “Do not discard packaging, contains important safety information”
Dunca string 5 pack: Ages 6+
YYF packages(various): Choking Hazard - small parts not for children under 3 yrs.
YYF packaging: This is where it gets interesting.
On the boxes for my DM2, Speeder 2 and my Unleashed, it’s the same box. Choking hazard - small parts not for children under 4 years old. My Big Yo bag has the same warning.

Now here is where I get worried:
On the box for my Fiesta XX:
WARNING: THIS IS NOT A TOY, for ages 13 & Up.

I swear, it’s right on there.

So, is it a toy for those UNDER 13, but for anyone OVER 13 it’s “equipment”?

I’m worried. My wife doesn’t want me playing with toys, yet I like to yoyo. And I’m not ready for 4A, but it looks like my hand may be forced. “See, it says it’s not a toy, now leave me alone so I can figure this darn thing out”.

So, is it a toy or not?

I’m confused. I think I’ll go play video games until my eyes cross and I pass out now. At least I know what those are.


^^^^^ ROFL

I am confused too now, after reading this!!


it’s like when music bands say they’re not commercial

it only helps them to sell more to rebel teens

the “this is not a toy” stuff is just more of the same, you flatter your target so he’s more inclined to buy.

teens really fall for this kind of stuff, it’s so easy it’s not even funny. Plus, they are inclined to promote the thing even further, using the same argument “dude, it’s not a toy” or “dude, this band is not commercial” (buy it)


I have decided to treat my yoyo as what I want them to be.

A ‘more than toy’ thing.


A ‘Beyond Toy’

Seriously, because it is a toy, but is far from just a toy.

I have a hard time describing it already.


Yeah. Soon they will come with a warning to wear a helmet. I know it sounds silly, but Chris and I live in a counry where someone can spill hot coffee in their own lap, and sue the restaurant that sold it to them. It’s stupid, but that is why a yoyo comes with a warning not much different than the ones that come on 400 pound 150 horsepower sportbikes.

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This is GREAT!


“Is it a toy?” depends on the owner, like other toys. It’s just an action figure when a five year old has one, but when an adult has one it’s a “collectable figurine.” (I actually made a Trekkie mad one time by calling his toys collection “toys.”) Down here in NASCAR-land (the South), grown people don’t collect toy cars, they collect “die cast models” (usually with a number 3, because it’s been like, twelve years and NASCAR fans still haven’t gotten over that guy whose name I don’t feel like trying to spell’s death).

So this is my question, if 4A yoyo is not a toy, then why does it break windows and fine china like one? (My wife was mad at me for a while)


phew… glad i didn’t break anything yet… i did hit my lil dog a couple of times… when i couldn’t catch the yo… lol now she gets scared every time i throw


Hey!!! I could perfectly use a YYF Lunatic when I was 11! Not for children under 13, buck that!


not a toy

a way of life


I too live in this country. We must have warnings on everything. People are just that stupid to try to sue someone for their idiocity. As far as the op, I’ve pondered this question as well. I fel that a yo-yo is technically a toy by nature but some of the high end yo-yos are skillfully crafted machines. I believe that anything, much less the wonder that is the yo-yo, is a toy if you do childish things with it but, if you’re doing amazing and creative tricks making art with it, then it is a medium.



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Sorry. Next time I’ll do this:

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My yoyo isn’t a toy, it’s a comflabgerknufkengumden-shamfittyboden. Only I know what that means, and that’s all that matters.


da hay?