'Legal' Magic Drop


Like most people, I had problems learning Magic Drop. Watching the MFD tutorial was the turning point for me - specifically the Magic Drop to Shockwave tutorial - (http://www.monkeyfinger.ca/page12/page13/complicated.html)

My question is this:
Is it ‘legal’ - contest wise - to make that move with your non throw hand ring finger? It creates the perfect separation and tension to land the yoyo just right and make the string reject. When I first saw it, my palm instantly smacked my forehead… perfect adjustment… thank you Jeremy!

Part of me doesn’t care, because it works 95% of the time and I can now work on a bunch of tricks that use Magic Drop, but there’s another part of me that wants to know if making that move would be counted against you somehow.

I want to say those Monkey Finger tutorials are awesome… not trying to be critical of them at all. Just wondering about that aspect of the trick.



That’s actually a huge help for me, that’s my biggest problem with magic drop right now. I don’t see how it would be counted against you, every trick has little variations of doing it.


Just do it fast enough so no one notices.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

You come to any of the canadian contests and its fine. No idea about anyone else’s, but I imagine there wouldn’t be a problem with it.
And thanks for the compliments, I’m glad the tutorials are helping.


The only time you have to stick to prescribed execution of a trick is for trick ladder. Is anything Magic Drop-based even on the trick ladder?


That’s what I am worried about. Kamikaze (which has a Magic Drop) is on the sports ladder at WYYC and I will be competing in it this year. Would they count the trick as a miss if I did the Magic Drop with help from my NTH ring finger?


I highly doubt it.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

Email someone in charge and ask, or ask when you get there. I agree though, it’s highly unlikely