magic drop question

This has been asked before, but I can’t find a definite answer anywhere.

During a magic drop, is it “cheating” to use your NTH middle finger (or ring finger or whatever) to pull the trapeze loop open to make landing on one string easier?

I had a hard time landing on only the back string and got in the habit of doing this “cheat.” I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort to improve my MD by learning to land it without the cheat…

I define cheating as: penalty for this move during kamikaze (WYYC trick ladder.)

It’s a good way to start, but you should probably do it normally later on.

I dont that it’s cheating. That’s how I do it, I mean i can do it without the widening of the string but it’s just less fun that way.

Not sure about the trick ladder thing, but you can try pointing your nth index away and downwards from the yoyo, and it should be wide enough to land the magic drop

Don’t know if it’s disqualified from trick ladder or not, either. I doubt it.

Well, that’s pretty much how the older thread went! Lol!

Basically, you should try to do it right, but I doubt it matters…

I guess I’ll just practice it right and have both ways up my sleeve. Thanks for the replies!