Can someone help me with Magic Drop

So the problem that I am currently facing with Magic Drop is the fact that I can’t land on the back string, like you are suppose to. The rejection part is okay, but even if I use a slimmer yoyo, I can’t land. Please help.


You can use your thumb on your non throw hand to separate the strings a bit.

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Where is the yoyo going? Is it going behind both strings?

This tutorial covers how to control which string it lands on:

In short, you can move your NTH farther away from your body before starting the underpass to get it to land on the string closer to you.


In the old world of compulsory tricks, it was a point that you were not supposed to separate the strings by inserting fingers of your non throw-hand. The way to do it is by pointing your non-throw index (generally down) which subtly increases room to land the trick.

I’ll grant you this is somewhat arbitrary but it does make the Magic Drop much more smooth (and so, more “magic”). Like SO many aspects of yo-yo, this is an element which takes A LOT of frustrating repetition to get down. Have you seen Spencer Berry’s Magic Drop-Triangle? That is on the back string and can actually be a bit easier to land than regular MD.

Good luck!


Thank you for the reply. I’ll get to it soon

I can understand your frustration. It just takes practice man. This is literally one of my favorite tricks.

And just a little note about Landing the trick on the back string- unless you’re trying to set up for the Shockwave portion of magic drop, you don’t necessarily have to land the yoyo on the back string. In fact, if you landed on the front string you are in a brother mount. So much can be done from a brother mount.

One of my favorite variations of magic drop is to do the drop and land it on the front string, and then go right into that ninja vanish variation that they explained in the second portion of the Ninja vanish video.

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Yea I should have mentioned that using your thumb to separate the strings is kind of “cheating”. It worked well for me when I was learning the trick as it gave some satisfaction to be able to actually hit the magic drop while learning to make the string reject.

Best though in the long run to learn to do it without the thumb separation.