is this a magic drop mount?

Hey, if you land a double or nothing and pop the yoyo to the string closest to you and then drop the front string on your nun throw hand pointer finger. R u in a magic drop mount?

Well first, magic drop is not a mount, it’s an element. A maneuver used in a trick. There are two different ways to land it, one that is the one you are trying to copy, and one that looks like a brother mount. If you jut want to imitate that end result, you are close. There is an too much twist on the throwhand pointer finger. In magic drop it is only one half twist, you have a full twist there. I suggest you take the time and look at a bunch of tutorials. I looked at many, and the G Squared helped me the most. I learned it in one hour, and had it down and consistent the next day (yesterday morning) after practicing whenever I could. Now I am doing a those trick I had to skip before.

No, but going into a brother mount and landing on the back string is correct. Is there a difference between the Magic Drop and under mount?

With magic drop you need that string rejection. Try learning the magic drop variation of the cheddar cheese repeater with the brother mount.

I’ve been going back to this move for past three or four days trying to get it and am only landing it on the back string once every blue moon. Hopefully g squared’s method will help me get it as I’ve prolly spent over two hours attempting it like Andre’s tutorial.

I was to the point of starting a thread but searched first and this was the first one in the list and looks promising. Thinking about getting out of bed to try the new way lol.

Try this-

I just recently learned the magic drop. I have watched all videos about it online trying to learn it, and searching discussions for tips on how to execute it. Nothing really helped except a couple things…

first, I thought I did it when I swung the trapeze up under my TH, and back over, but I realized I was just catching the bottom string, causing it to arial up and over, and falling on the string. This was not correct. Although it appeared to be a magic drop, it wasnt. The string at that point was not still wrapped around my TH thumb.

Watching the videos, I saw that both strings, holding up the yoyo in trapeze, would have to swing under my TH, and as my TH pointer finger would latch on to the uppermost string, the bottom string would take care of the rest. As long as all the right elements are there to initiate the throw, it pretty much automatically does the string rejection on its own.

So, what i did, was I locked myself in my room for an entire day. and just threw all variants of the throw, tweaking each part until I felt slowly, what it took to successfully execute it on command. Front and back strings. I may have thrown a thousand or more mis throws, but it became less and less awkward, and more confident until I knew how to not throw it wrong.

Practice, is all it is. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I’m still stuck. Have tried point throw hand pointer up more, wrapping string around whole hand instead of just pointer on throw hand, pointing nth pointer away to open string a tad more, tried sliding the throw more so than swinging it around th finger, fast, and slow but seems like no matter what I either don’t get the rejection or it lands on the wrong string or both.

I did it like 3 times in a row earlier tonight and got excited but that was short lived because it ended up taking another 20 or so attempts before getting it again.

When I do get it I’m having problems keeping the front string on the outside of my hand allowing me to go into shockwave. That’s a problem that I wish I could be to the point of addressing but…will need to get manic drop down before worrying about that element.