;D Man! I just love these yo-yos! I now have two, a yellow w/orange caps and a white one. I used both of them for my Mastates freestyle, and they definitely didn’t let me down.

How do you guys play them, though? I found the pads to be too recessed for me; instead I pulled them out and saved them for another YYJ, and put silicone in. Right now I can do lighter, fancier, binds and it binds perfectly. I like my yo-yos, so that I’d be able to tug return them the very least bit. Usually a reallyreally big jerk to get them back, not that I tug return them, but I can then tell that’s just responsive enough. Typically I only like my plastic yo-yos like this. My metal yo-yos are always dead unresponsive. Oh, yeah, I also switched out the bearings to 1drop 10 balls. I can really tell the difference; they’re alot smoother.

Now that I have two I can also try 3a! I finally learned a 3A trick too: Assisted braintwister. XD Basically one yo-yo replaces your non-yoyohand finger. Lots of fun. happysigh

~yo! shi!