I bought 3 about a month ago, I wanted to play with them a bit before posting a review:

Out of the Box

Has a bit of vibe. Tightened them a bit, then BOOM! The Smoothness.

The Blue ones look dang sweet. The Yellow one wasn’t as bright as they looked in the pics,
but the shade of yellow was unique, and also catches the eye well because…well, its yellow LOL
Hmm, thought the stickers were kinda cheezy…(Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip)

After a Month

Blue ones play SMOOOOTH when tightened a bit. The yellow one play Smoooooooth on any level of tightness.
These things play FAST. Doesn’t feel like 69grams at all.
They can handle all my 5a speed combos with ease, horizontals as well.
The shape feels comfy in the hand, slightly sharp, slightly organic.
Spin time lasts as long as my longest combo, which is about 1 minute long LOL.

Oh yeah, you can do Finger Grinds on these things, you just have to REALLY WANT TO. haha!

These things take a BEATING. The plastic looks and feels pretty thick, and the axle is as thick as the ones on FHZ’s, so no problems there. Ive dinged and bashed them around pretty hard. A little bit of sandpaper to get rid of the rough edges, and they play as smooth as the day I got them. (pretty F’ing Awesome in my book)

(side note: talked to some C3 peeps from around here, apparently, some of the caps are superglued, so, DONT MESS WITH 'EM)

The caps get a bit dirty, being white, but nothing a bit of metal polish and elbow grease wont fix.
The colors didn’t get dark or anything.

Final thoughts:
Looks like I’ll exclusively be using Alpha Crashes this year. The play seems to really fit my style, plus the fact that its so dang cheap. Love these guys to pieces.

May have to pick one up after I need more string.

Great review BTW :slight_smile:

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Loved the review, totally agree. When you said tightened up the yoyo, how tight did you mean? Did I you line up the little arrow things on the caps or do something else?

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uhhh…what arrows…? sorry dude, I ripped off the stickers like 30seconds after getting 'em out of the box : / …sorry…

about the tightness, I tightened them up till the point where halves are not loose and shaking around and won’t unscrew by itself, then gave it a firm quarter of a twist.

Note to self: observe everything about the yoyo before ripping out stickers etc…

I couldn’t agree more, the Alpha Crash has been my main throw since I obtained it in Feb. Solid feeling for an all plastic and very stable. Mine has taken quite the beating but I’m definitely planning on picking another one up soon! I only wish the purple ones had the white caps as well rather than yellow.

To answer the question about the arrows - the AC did seem to be close to 100% vibe free with the arrows aligned but after a while it loosened up and I have to tighten until snug which is a bit beyond aligned. I wouldn’t worry about the arrows too much, similar thing with my Protostar - I ignore the arrows altogether.

QFT! plus the fact that they aren’t making red-white capped AC anymore =_=

I’d like to see a yellow one with yellow caps though!

My friend and I both want one of these. Great review:)

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