SCLB Review! (here you go Alex, Thanks!) (Rec Rev yoyo)

This yoyo is like hard core! From the makers of the Bad Rep, I bring you the Style Council Lunchbreak!

Looks: This yoyo looks GREAT!!! It looks like a clyyw! Mine has what i call a rain blast! it’s poka doted. Like a slight drissle of purple rain when on one half of the yoyo! It is color full (my yoyo has a grey base color with a purple rain blast on one side and a grey base color with a black splash on the other!) They come in various colors and combos! I like the color on mine! From what I heard they a RARE! Sold at sskc and from alex himself! They might be sold on yyn but i am not sure. Best lookin yoyo I have! (in my opinion) I have an alex bearing gull peak so what i am saying is bold! All the yoyos i saw of the sclb’s have an ano flaw on each side of the yoyo, but they still look good! 8) (might post a pic of my SCLB if i can borrow my friends cam.) 8.5/10

Price: I got mine at the DXL meeting for a price I won’t say because i don’t want everyone asking him," Well James!!! got is for x amount of money!" So I will not mention the price incase that was a one day deal price and I don’t know if that is the price they are going for. Sorry. :-[

Comfort/Shape: Ooohhhhhhh, this is my favorite part! It has the shape of a c-13 and a Frantic but the weight of a dv888! :o Comfort/Shape: 9.7/10

On a throw: Weighs a little much but still preforms slacks, whips, and lacerations with ease. looks good, plays good, is good! Bead blast is nothing special. Thumb grinds are decent. Just a slight tilt and you got yourself a thumb grind! Great finger and arm grinds! Ok palm grinds. Easy to maneuver. Nice wide gap and can handle multiple string layers! No snags, and it is smooth! Great yoyo! Don’t know what bearing it uses but it works for me! It feels like a SPEC bearing from yyf. :wink: On a throw: 8.7/10

Final thoughts: Any 1a or 3a player that can get a hold of an SCLB should most definantaly get it! I use this yoyo a lot! Looks good, feels good, is good! ;D (My second favorite yoyo so far!) Over all: 9/10

Will add more! If you know how to contact Alex from Rec Rev, tell me because I want to show him this review!

Don’t know the specs because it hasn’t hit online stores yet.

                              Thanks for Looking! ;D

this is not my SCLB. I will try post a picture of mine if I get a hold of a camera. :slight_smile:

Good review!

I see you’re trying not to put too much bias into it, and you succeed!

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Nice review!

A lot of exclamation marks though!
Pictures would be nice!
And a scale system doesn’t work that well!

But still, good review!


your review was fine. there was nothing wrong with it what so ever. i have a sclb myself and love it to death. keep up the awesome reviews. you will always have my full support.

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SCLB’s ROCK! Like I said in the review, It is my second favorite yoyo… at least untill I get a Hatrick! lol! :smiley:

Samad, there is a picture. If you are talking about a pic of my yoyo then ok. But I love ! marks! :stuck_out_tongue:

That yoyo design is hot love the rain-dots…

as for the review, try adding pictures, try not to use to much exclamation points, and lastly excellent review.


I don’t want to go in on my regular rant on the rating system, I feel like I’ve expressed myself on this enough by now. I did not like the red colors you put everywhere, I think it would be better if you used something less eye-poking like a bold print or something. I’m also no fan of smileys in reviews.

Your reviews has gotten a lot better though, keep going at it.

Addment: A ruler and a scale will find the specs for you…

Good review. I like that moving smily face at the end. ;D

OOOHHHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! HHHHHAAAAAA!!! They are on yyn!!! :o :o :o :o :o

74 bucks!

(preparing for halloween. :P)

good review

im assuming you are aware of what Alex has done on yyn, considering those facts i would rather not support his company

huh, what has he done on yyn? ???


wait, scamed them, how?

Alex Kim never scammed YYN. He just did some horrible trades with people there. I believe people have waited atleast 1 year and they are still sitting without their end of the trade. YYN took the SCLB’s down which is sad, but I think it’s worse that people are still left without their end of a trade while he is selling his new yoyo in public.

Banned from BST here:,33896.0.html

bad trades here:,52056.msg589791.html#msg589791
and here:,18798.0.html

thats what he did ^^^^
you need to read though them if youre wondering what happened

i have bought 2 great yoyos from alex with no problem. the yoyos were in mint condition and i got a great deal. he has never burned me, nothing more said!!!

Well it’s obvious that he’s done some good trades. Consider yourself lucky, people have waited more than a year and they have still yet to get their end.

Ever heard of the exception that confirms the rule?