CLYW: The Scout (Review)

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This is my first Yo-yo review, so let me begin.

I’ve had “The Scout” Yo-yo for three weeks already and as my first Yo-yo bought, after taking a 5 year break off Yo-yoing, I love it! Coming back to Yo-yoing, I know I wanted to order a high end Yo-yo that I couldn’t afford back when I was younger. I think we can all agree 100+ for a 13 year old is quite heavy haha. Anyways, the Yo-yo did exactly what I hope it would do for me. The smoothness and spin time it has given me during play in the last three weeks have brought me out to love Yo-yoing all over again, which I did not think was possible, but CLYW made it possible.

The Yo-yo runs smooth, and long enough for when you are stuck on a string trying to come up with the next move in your new Yo-yo trick. It has a nice butterfly shape that has helped me hit those difficult strings that lay next to an interfering partner. Great for boingy boing ticks!

Downfalls? Sometimes, NOT all the time, when I throw this Yo-yo, I throw a crooked one, I think this is due to it’s skinny butterfly shape, and therefore it is more often you might tilt it a little on a throw.

Looks? To me, it almost looks like the CLYW “Chief” Yo-yo. But it does have it’s differences.The size of it, I believe in my opinion, it is not too big nor is it too small, also, 66 grams is a good weight for Yo-yo players who like to have a nice moderate pace with flowy tricks! From what I experienced while ordering the Yo-yo is that the Solid Green sold out quicker than all the other colors so I did have to proceed to ordering from somewhere else.

Overall, I Grade this Yo-yo an A-.

My Grading system is as Follows,


I’m looking to buy a new CLYW Yo-yo! If there is any specifics that you are interested in me doing a review on before you go and buy it, let me know below! Maybe I’ll buy it and review it. But just in general, any CLYW Yo-yos anyone recommends? Let me know! Please and thanks for reading!

You can watch me play with “The Scout” Yo-yo in this video! Click the link below!

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Thanks for the review, and great video :slight_smile:

The Scout is definitely on my radar to pick up one day.

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great review, and even greater video! great job man

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Thanks man!