FT: SCLB, Bad Rep, Speeder. LF: Beat 5 Star, Any ILYY, Spyy, anything!

Hi, I have an SCLB for trade. Very underrated! It is made by the company RecRev! Following
things you should know about it:

  • A vibe that dosn’t effect the play
  • Some ano flaws. (Can hardly see 'em.)
  • Has 1 ding. The rest of the damage are flat spots, or little stuff you can hardly feel. See pics for details.
  • Has a rare colorway.
  • I belive it has the stock bearing, but I don’t know.
  • It is kinda an undersized throw. It weighs a little much. My guess is 66-67.5.

[s]I really like this yoyo. But I think I can get something I want more. Please just offer. It is a nice solid RecRev yoyo! It was $125 on yoyonation. And I have a rare colorway. It might even be one of a kind. They didn’t sell this colorway online to my knowlage! Bad Rep Light
Things you should know about it:

  • Really small vibe. Verry small, Dosn’t effect play.
  • About 3 decent dings and some scuffs.
  • A nice light pink ano.
  • One lime green stack, and one clear stack.[/s] GONE, to YoIt’sMatt for his P2!

[s]I have a Speeder as a deal sweetener. NOT FOR TRADE! Such as, if you want to trade a yoyo with me that is worth a little more than what my SCLB is worth, I will throw in the 2006 World’s Ed. Speeder. Things you should know about it:

  • Has some scuffs but nothing you cam really feel.
  • Ofcouse has some slight yyj vibe. Just like every other yyj bi-metal. Duh.
  • Has a SPEC bearing in it. (I think)
  • And yes, it has sparkles in the blue body of the yoyo!
  • There is a crack under the cap. But it dosn’t effect the play.
  • Only 1 cap[/s]

Sick String. Well, I make this string. I will throw it in as a deal sweetener. Such as, if you want to trade a yoyo with me that is worth a little more than what my SCLB is worth, I will throw in some Sick String. I will discuss the quantity with you personally depending on what you want to trade. To check out my string, click the link in my siggy.

Ok, this is what I am looking for:
5 Star (I don’t care if it is the first or second run, I want it.)
Skyy Chaser
Any Spyy yoyo
$$$ Money $$$ (Maybe)

Keep in mind that I don’t really care about the condition that much. So I don’t care if you have a beat 5 Star or a beat ILYY, I still want it. I don’t really care if it has a vibe either. Aslong as it is not really bad. PM me and we’ll talk about it. And usually I don’t give a crud about anoflaws. But if it has no vibe, I want it even more! And keep in mind I really want a beat 5 Star!

Things I don’t want:

  • YYJ
  • Plastics
    * Loball offers. I won’t even respond. Don’t do it, it is really anoying!
  • Aqua
  • Derlins
  • Hspins

Feel free to ask questions, I would be happy to help you out! :slight_smile: And you can offer in PM, posting, or bolth. Whatever you feel like.

Pics of the Speeder and some more of the SCLB. :wink:

Hey James, I have this Black and Gold C-13 if your interested… J/k

Bump for James!! He’s a great guy, dont worry when trading with him!

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i don’t see much i want. i got hatrick 2 ;D

but i would sell my Dv888. great player. 'coned

can u pm a price list? im low on yoyos and have nothin worth a trade so… I cant really becuz i am noob

Not for sale…