FS/FT: Project 1 WANT: Boss, IT, Protostar, others

Near Mint, Yellow/Gold Project 2. Smooth. No dings, no scuffs, no scratches. $80 Shipped to the US. PENDING

One Drop Project 1, original clear soda blasted. A few marks on the rims. Pictures to come. $50

CLYW Peak: Bearing-Gull edition. SOLD

CLYW Bassalope, Small Bearing, Purple/Black acidwash. Two dings. Not dying to get rid of it, but looking at what I can trade it for. TRADED

More Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157623563184278/

YYF Protostar (not grey)
YYF Boss
Dif-e-yo IT
One Drop Markmont
3yo3 Collabricon
General Yo Stuff (other than 5-star v1, really would like another 5-star v2)

Or just offer away.

PM me please

added the P1, Bassalope and Peak.

Do you live in California?

Pennsylvania, sorry.

will you ship to Canada for a few extra dollars?

I have a SCLB that has a rare colorway. I could throw in some Sick String too. It only has one ding tword the center of the yoyo. The rest of the marks are on the rims and all of them are small or flat dings you can’t feel or can barley feel. And most of them were from hitting the yoyo against my belt that was under my shirt. Only 2 marks showed up on the picture. The other marks the camera wouldn’t even pick up. Sorry, I know, my video cam isn’t that great for pictures. I am trying to get rid of this because I want to try a new yoyo. I have had this yoyo for a while and I think someone else will like this yoyo more than me therefor I am trading it. It has a little bit of ano flaws on one side of the rim. It has a slight vibe. Normaly I would PM you this but I don’t know how to send pics in a PM lol. Anyway, here are some pics, just PM me back if you are interested! :slight_smile:

                                                                                                                        James Reed!

nobody wants my hspin pyro light :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :stuck_out_tongue: ???

sorry, owned a Pyro Light, and it just wasn’t my thing.

Peak sold.

Bassalope traded

just the original Project left…