$$$$$$$$ CHEAP yoyos: sOMEThING. TURNING POINT. C3. YoyoRECREATION. $$$$$$$$$$$$

C3 Krown
Clear Rally
Yeti (maybe)

Mint. B grade. Slight wobble. For trade only. I could use this as a deal sweetener.

Leviathan 2

RecRev Silly Goose Paisley
Mint. Very small typical RecRev vibe. Plays great.

The V
Mint. I’d do $40shipped, but I’d rather trade this + something else for one of my wants.

2013 Superstar
Mint. Very small vibe that it came with. Dead smooth on the string. Great player.

Very light 5a marks on it, but no dings. Tried to capture the marks in the picture below, but it didn’t work out too well. Very very very small vibe. $95shipped (this is a STEAL)

PrePro Darksonic
Few dings. Slight vibe. $30shipped

GREAT yoyo. DEAD smooth. Mint in box. $99shipped (this is a STEAL)

Few scratches, nothing “bad”. Has 1 cap (pictured). $75shipped

If there is vibe on a yoyo it can’t be dead smooth. Don’t put anything but the truth on your posts or you may get reported

There can be vibe on grinds but not string, or vise versa…

Do your research.

And our beloved James neva’ gets reported ;)…