I don’t know if anyone else has trouble with it or its just me but i can’t get the stock legacy bearing out to put in my kon kave bearing if someone has a tip or something post it please.

If you have a pair of needle nose pliers, use the part where you cut the wire at ( the round open part, not the blade :() pinch the bearing and wiggle it should come off fairly eazy, also let me know how you like the kon kave in it, best of luck
Ps if you dont have needle nose just use regular pliers and be carefull not to ruin your bearing

it may just be that i havent brocken in the kk but i like the stock better

what i have done is deshield and clean it with mineral spirits it works well for me

Actaully, the stock bearing came pre-cleaned, which may be why you dont like it. Just break in the bearing.

The bearing that came with the yoyo is meant to be attached to the yoyo, because if you open the yoyo, the bearing wont fall out to lose it.
To remove the bearing, wrap the bearing in something soft, then jently tug the bearing with plyers.

samad is right. you just need to clean and lube the kk. i have a legacy and a dm with the kk. i liked the legacy bearing better b/c it slept longer, but then i cleaned the kk and it works just as well.

thanks i got it wheil ago sorry but yeah i used the part of the wire cuters/needle nose that is a circle and it worked VERY well didnt even leave a scratch or anything thanks for the help