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im thinking about getting a legacy is it a good purchase?

what are some pros/cons of it?


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[quote] plus its like a cheaper version of the dm
thats the one resone i like it

so you think its a good purchase?

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awsome im totally going with it thanks :slight_smile:

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oh and just wondering what are the spin times like?


That really depends on the thrower, but because of the internal weight system, it spins for quite a while

Grant also used it to compete at PWNR here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSNkbakm51w


Make sure to remove the paper under the silicone.

The Legacy is a good purchase. It’s a favorite among this site (mainly because André desigend it, IDK) but I don’t like it that much. Depends on what kind of person you are.


I am getting 3,seriosly,my friend tried one out at redondo and we all loved it,were getting one for each and the other one for our little bros to share


it really is a great yoyo. i have one and it helped me get to advanced level 2 tricks. it spins for a long time. i can get it to spin as long as my friends Dark Magic almost.
My legacy had paper under the silicone but i only realised last week when i took the silicone out to put in my X-Convict. it still plays great with the paper.


I’m also thinking about getting one my friend has 2 and I tried one and liked it.