legacy vs. counter attack

i know yall wil say its prefrance but i want to know what you think is best for 1a smooth trick styles

The legacy looks like a better value to me.

YES get a PINK Legacy!!!

I have one and its my second favorite plastic. My first fav is a mod that I did so its more like a freinkenstein yoyo!

Legacy, Legacy and legacy.

Legacy. Such an awesome throw. It will save you money too if you buy it.

legacy was my first ‘‘real’’ yoyo and i messed up the seat so im buying another one because they are awesome

Where is this bad legacy now???

All over the legacy

never tried a counter attack but i never heard great things about it but on the the other hand the legacy i tried and it outplays a lot of metals. legacy buy a long shot

my mom threw it out

why you wanted to mod it?

yeah. :frowning:

I’d have to go with the Yoyofactory Counterattack. YYF just makes better quality yoyos. Plus, the Legacy is ULTRA heavy. Never a good thing.

actally that is your opinion. People like heavier yoyos and some like lighter yoyo.

yeah, I happen to own both yoyos and the legacy does not feel ultra heavy in your hand by any means. Personally, I am a little more drawn to the counter attack. I can get longer spins out of mine, but don’t get me wrong I love my legacy, too. and no, I don’t have a pink one, mine is white.

Gotta go with the Counter Attack here, personally.

IMO, it’s the better of the two.

Wait, what?

Legacy by a long shot but you’ve never played a CA?

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Counter Attack is even heavier than the Legacy at 69 grams if you want to talk about weight.
Anyway, I would recommend the Counter Attack. Legacy is likely to have Yoyojam vibe.