Big Yo or Legacy?

I am an intermediate Yo-Yo player i enjoy yo yoing very much but i am getting bored with my Kickside. I cannot decide if i should get a Legacy and eventually go into counter-weight or get a Big Yo and do offstring. They both look very fun, please help me decide. Thanks :wink:

Well, they are two completely different yo-yos that do completely different things. But if I had to say, I would say legacy. They can do anything you want them to do. From 1a to 2a to 4a.

Please delete this thread. You have an identical one, and making multiple threads about the same thing is against the rules.

apetrunk is right and ewski is wrong

legacy for 2a?

get a big yo or an aqaurius and do offstring…its much more fun than 5a

Yoyokid25, that would be preference. Ask any 5a player if they like 4a or 5a better.

i would get a legacy i have one its great for all styles

I love my Legacy. I had problems with it once when the left silicone pad came out, but those can be replaced easily. So yeah, I would go with the Legacy.

PS. Note that the Dark-Magic and the Legacy have the same shape, however, the Legacy is smoother than the Dark-Magic, but the Dark-Magic spins longer.

Who says?

One of my friends has a BigYo and another friend has a Legacy. The Legacy is way better for 1a, 3a, and 5a. The BigYo is slightly better for 4a. WARNING: If you want a responsive yoyo, DO NOT get a Legacy. The Legacy is completely unresponsive. If you want a responsive yoyo, get a BigYo.

Legacy 1A,4A, and 5A. Plus longer spintimes.

Why does the Legacy have a longer “spin time” than the BigYo? Also, this thread was 2 weeks old. Granted, not a major necro, but it was still kind of old.

It has more rim weight, for starters.